Technacy S.r.l.

Technacy S.r.l.

Technacy is a network supporting mobile work and telecommunications.

Being a network means interacting with partners, employees, customers, and end-users to look for innovative, tailored solutions based on specific and potential needs.

Today our main partners in Italy are Vodafone Italy and Telecom Italy.


We provide solutions with and for Mobile Network Operators, companies and people.

Our core Solutions are: Netmon and WebSMS


With Netmon we help mobile telephony operators to:

  1. Build loyal customers, making them informed and independent
  2. Make the offer quickly scalable and personalized
  3. Resolve problems of security, spam, and fraudulent attacks

We offer companies:

  1. Control and management of data traffic and costs
  2. Availability, reliability, and flexibility thanks to dedicated services
  3. Security, by notifying and blocking fraudulent attacks and spam

We offer people:

End users receive a device which is ready to use, without any complications, for the peace of mind of moving and working freely and guaranteeing that one’s business will not be damaged.

Netmon is used by key mobile telephony operators in Italy

It is available from the Tim Digital Store and boasts more than 300,000 SIMs connected with more than 1500 companies


WeSMS makes it possible to send SMS quikly in a personalized and organized manner.

WebSMS is: SMS API, marketing SMS, from e-mail to SMS and bulk SMS.