7 Layers: Automated Online Generation of test plans for wireless products – with InterLab LIVE

The complexity of validation processes for wireless devices such as mobile phones, smartphones etc. is rising continuously. In order to make such processes more reliable and efficient, InterLab LIVE has just been launched by 7Layers, a global chain of accredited test laboratories and engineering centers.

InterLab LIVE, a unique web-platform,
offers the world’s first online test plan generator.

So far, test plan generation for wireless products has been time-consuming, know-how intensive and prone to error, especially if the product in questions supports a multitude of features, or if the technology is new or test requirements change frequently.

This is about to change with InterLab LIVE: Users can now create and download up-to-date test plan packages that are specially geared to the features of their product, within less than an hour and on a pay-per-use basis. The test plan packages are created fully automatically via the easy-to-follow InterLab guide. Correctness of the test plans is ensured by 7Layers’ know-how, experience and scope of accreditations. InterLab LIVE test plans are always structured in the same way. This enables users to streamline the test process and provides a valuable benefit for example when comparing several product variations.

The comprehensive test plan packages include

  • applicable test specifications
  • mandatory test cases and tests
  • optional test cases and tests
  • overview of matching test systems

InterLab LIVE has been set up as an easily extendable web-platform that allows other parties specializing in wireless standards and regulations to participate. By feeding the system with further technology information, the scope of available test plans and downloadable documents etc. can be continuously enlarged. This will make InterLab LIVE even more valuable for all users concerned with wireless communications. Organizations interested in participating are invited to contact  [email protected].

Currently InterLab LIVE features combined and stand-alone test plan packages for GCF, PTCRB and for LTE (based on 3GPP), with further test plan packages under development. Make a point of keeping an eye on InterLab LIVE at www.interlab-live.com, and watch its continuous growth and diversification.

For more information visit: www.interlab-live.com
take a look at our brochure or contact:  [email protected]

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