Accuris Networks Delivers The Only Wi-Fi Offload and Roaming Solution Using Mobile Account Credentials

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Accuris Networks (, an innovator in Wi-Fi offload and roaming, today announced that its Wi-Fi offload and roaming platform, AccuROAM is the only solution using SIM-based account credentials to enable smart phone and laptop users to automatically connect to Wi-Fi hotspots, when roaming internationally. The solution provides a secure authentication framework without the need to enter cumbersome usernames and passwords. AccuROAM enables any Wi-Fi to work as a full extension of GSM or CDMA networks for billing, policy, and authentication. This technology is currently being used by AT&T Mobility.

“The AccuROAM platform gives subscribers automatic and secure access to Wi-Fi hotspots globally by using subscriber SIM credentials as the means of authentication. Accuris Networks is the only provider globally to provide this level of security and ease of access when connecting to Wi-Fi,” stated Larry Quinn Chairman of Accuris Networks. “While we wait for Hotspot 2.0, Passpoint™ and Next Generation Hotspots (NGH) to give us the authentication and security we need, AccuROAM today gives us a seamless, secure Wi-Fi connection, without changing existing Wi-Fi networks already deployed around the world.”

Accuris Networks’ AccuROAM solution has both client and server capability to enable automatic authentication of users to Wi-Fi networks. It uses encrypted credentials from a users account in a similar way that authentication processes work when phone users roam to a new network. This provides the security demanded by all cellular carriers, delivering a much improved user experience compared to the current awkward methods associated with Wi-Fi access. It also gives operators the ability to control service access, manage the Wi-Fi offload connection and bill subscribers for Wi-Fi usage when roaming.

About Accuris Networks

Accuris Networks is a provider of carrier-grade roaming interworking, device management and convergence solutions. The AccuROAM platform gives mobile communications operators a Wi-Fi offload and roaming solution, which includes smartphone client software, access server/gateway technology and billing integration designed to provide a seamless and secure user experience for data, voice and messaging services. For more information, visit Accuris Networks at


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