Astellia’s 2012 revenue up 24%

Rennes, France – February 7th 2013 – Astellia, a leading provider of monitoring solutions for the optimization of mobile network QoS and QoE, reports its 2012 revenue of 42.2 M€, an increase of 24% compared to the previous year.

International activity represented 85% of the 2012 revenue, reaching 36M€, a 41% increase compared to 2011. The rise in turnover reflects existing customers’ loyalty and market share wins. In a context of rapid expansion and increased competition between operators, network optimization and delivering optimal quality of service becomes a strategic imperative.

Revenue distribution per region mirrors the investments made to keep the right balance between emerging regions with high potential and those with greater maturity. Commercial activity kept a good level in Africa where consolidation in the sector is still taking place; evolution was rather limited in Asia. Growth is very significant on the American continent as well as in Europe and Astellia reconfirms its leadership position in the Middle-East.

In France, 2012 revenue is 6.2M€, representing 15% of Group revenue. The good historical relationships with French operators continued in a highly competitive environment where expenses and investments are carefully being weighed. 4G deployment should offer new perspectives for the coming years.

Christian Queffelec, CEO and co-founder of Astellia concludes: “Astellia finishes 2012 with a record month of December following the growing interest of operators for our solutions while operating in an ever complex technological, economical and competitive environment. Astellia is taking a quantum leap with its leading edge technology coupled with its accrued experience over the past ten years to develop next generation solutions addressing current and future needs of our customers and prospects. With a 24% revenue increase in 2012 we can clearly say that our technological and commercial choices have paid off, reflected by our performance in the United States and in Europe. In this context, we are obviously expecting an improvement of our 2012 revenues.”

Financial agenda: Audited and consolidated 2012 revenues: March 26th 2013

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