Benish GPS in figures: experience and plans

We know for sure that professionalism is gained over time

Benish GPS was founded in Ukraine in 2003 and became part of the Benish GROUP holding, which operates in 15 countries. We believe that GPS technology is a powerful tool that works best for the protection of moving objects.

For 17 years in a row, we have taken care of the safety and monitoring of everything that can move: cars, trucks, agricultural machinery, railways, motorcycles, mopeds, boats and even couriers.

Our main goal is to protect against theft and make traffic control as convenient as possible. More than 500 partners around the world trust us to protect and monitor their fleet because they know that working with Benish GPS is reliable.

The focus is always on customer needs

There is only one principle that we are guided by in our work: “Either qualitatively or not at all.” Benish GPS specialists implement large-scale and comprehensive projects for government agencies and commercial enterprises. However, we take on local and individual tasks with the same responsibility.

In total, we have installed 80,000+ systems for car protection and monitoring and now we work simultaneously with 150 corporate clients in Ukraine. This is the result of many years of work and dedication.

We always try to find a solution based on the practical needs of the client. Some people want to use the keyboard to identify the driver, while others prefer a contactless label. We are approached for car protection within Ukraine, and there are also cases when protection is needed abroad. There is a way to solve any problem, and we at Benish GPS always find it.


One cannot conquer alone

Our power and strength is in our team. We know that professionals are not born, but become due to constant development. Benish GPS employees are experts in their field, as they have been working in the field of car protection for many years in a row. The format of the family company also affects the interaction within the team. That’s why we formed a collective-family-team. Literally three-level interaction and support.

“It’s more than just a job. I have been working for the company for 4 years and I feel that I am in an atmosphere of like-minded people. We know that we are doing an important thing together –  we care about people’s safety,” said car safety expert Yanina Zharska.

We consider our own round-the-clock Benish GPS Control Center to be a special advantage. Our operators are qualified employees with steel stress resistance. They clearly know how to act in an emergency situation when every minute counts. We also work with the National Police of Ukraine to respond immediately to concerns.

“It is difficult to predict what the working day will prepare. Sometimes you need to call an ambulance or tow truck immediately, and sometimes closely monitor the car and clearly coordinate the police patrol. I know that every call is important. For me, working at Benish is a responsibility,” said Kateryna Nagorna, head of the Dispatch Center.

Specific solutions for specific problems

The Benish GPS product map has two main areas – protection and monitoring. We have created 4 complete sets of the Benish GUARD satellite security system with gradation of protection levels. This is the most reliable protection, which has no analogues and far exceeds the functionality of conventional car alarms. If we had to describe Benish GUARD in a few words, it is an indisputable authority among security systems.

Monitoring is divided into categories – for people and for transport. We have developed specialized systems for GPS control of cars, namely – 6 different configurations. They allow you to track movement in real time, record the duration of stops and parking, control fuel consumption, track dangerous maneuvers and even train drivers online.

GPS trackers for people have a completely different purpose. They are used for personnel control and emergency communication with them. The tracker clearly captures the employee’s coordinates, and this helps to analyze the efficiency of time allocation.

A separate product is the BeniLock electronic lock. It is a combination of a mechanical lock and an electronic part. The ideal solution for the safety of cargo during transportation.

We have also developed a wireless system “Smart Car”– BeConnected. With it, the car is in the palm of your hand, because the device generates reports on the condition of the vehicle, monitors its movement, assesses the driver’s style and notifies the service center about problems. The system is already used in 6 countries.

Importantly! All our products are not only hard­ware. We offer services and solve each task comprehensively: equipment, service and maintenance. And therefore we are responsible for the result.


The only ones in Ukraine trusted by Porshe and Jaguar Land Rover manufacturers

Yes, we have firmly held the lead in the field of telematics for 17 years, and our greatest achievement is 100% trust and recognition by global manufacturers. Since 2017, Benish GPS is the national service provider Porsche Car Connect and JLR Trackstar in Ukraine. This is a huge achievement for us.

For car owners of other brands who also want to install a security system with a character, as in Porsche and Jaguar Land Rover, there is a solution – Vodafone Guardian. The equipment is manufactured at the same factory and is almost analogous to systems installed on Porsche. Since 2016, we have received exclusive rights to install and maintain the Vodafone Guardian complex. And this is, without a doubt, a reason to be proud.


We always have a vector for the future

The leader never stands still and in order to hold the championship, you need to dig deep. And from time to time reboot the system and the company as a whole. We have taken the longest, but the most effective, path. We interviewed partners, clients, received both positive and negative feedback. We have undergone an internal transformation and awareness of the need for change today and formed a plan to restart the company and products.

We are currently preparing three new projects. More details – a little later, but let’s be honest, the new products are a revolution in car protection. We believe that every car owner deserves the highest level of road safety and the best service. And we, as the leader of the telematics market in Ukraine, consider it our mission to provide this protection by introducing innovations and developing the concept of “connected cars”.

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