Evolved Intelligence reports 14 new roaming VAS implementations in last 12 months

Evolved Intelligence, the network value added services company, reports that, in the last financial year, they completed 14 new roaming VAS implementations. These implementations include services such as roaming steering, dialled number correction and real time roaming intelligence.

Looking further ahead the company sees the success of its approach increasing. Says Robin Burton, Head of Marketing: “With many operators driving towards NFV, or network function virtualisation, it is clear that our approach is exactly right for the times. We are building on this by providing a greater range of service types. As a direct result, we expect service implementations to increase this coming year to about two per month.”

The company also claims that its unique approach to deployment provides better value for money to operators.

Says Peter Blackie, Commercial Director: “Our remote hosted service for delivering roaming applications for mobile operators has seen a solid and steady growth throughout the year.  We now have a well-oiled system for getting new customers up and running.  Thanks to our relationships with a number of major signalling providers, implementation can often be done completely remotely. This speeds implementation and further reduces costs for the operator. Often we are able to implement a state of the art application as a managed service for the same price that they were paying for the annual maintenance of their legacy system.”

Evolved Intelligence’s applications are specifically targeted at saving money for mobile operators and increasing revenues.

Says Robin Burton: “Services such as our Roaming INSIGHT have the potential to dramatically boost the performance of an operator’s roaming business. In some cases we can help them to increase revenue by 5, 10 or even 20 per cent. Active services such as dialled number correction also boost revenue, helping operators to maintain growth. This is vitally important today with roaming revenues under ever increasing pressure.”

The increase in service implementations, together with more business from Evolved Intelligence’s fraud management division and from custom solutions built on its ENGINE platform, has, claims the company, contributed to an overall 80% increase in company revenue.

About Evolved Intelligence

Evolved Intelligence is based in Bristol, UK and was formed in 2007. The Evolved Intelligence team has a long experience in delivering IN services. Key members of the team worked for the Bristol based company, Aethos, widely regarded as one of the principal pioneers of pre-pay mobile communications. The Evolved Intelligence team is also a pioneer in the use of the JAIN platform and of Agile Development methodology.


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