(Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia) – G-Mobile, cellular mobile operator which provides the fastest data service in Mongolia is now cooperating with Twitter Inc to allow G-Mobile subscribers tweeting without any data charges.

Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Mongolia, is covered DC-HSDPA+, 3G network by G-Mobile. Even though the network is limited to only capital city, by collaborating with Twitter any G-Mobile customers can tweet, receive their updates and tweets via SMS without any data plan and service.

Twitter is for a community of people who shares everything whether they are politicians, pop star, olympic champions, businessman, housewife. etc You can see the new generation of young people with smart gadgets in every corner of city. Mr. Enkhbold Zandaakhuu, Speaker of Mongolian Parliament who has more than 30.000 followers on Twitter said that It’s the most democratic social network, everyone in twitter is journalist.

Earlier G-Mobile subscribers were very excited about our high speed data service at lowest tariff now they are going to use Twitter without any data charge. Displaying images, replying to your tweets, searching your favorite artist, everything is now free on Twitter from only G-Mobile.

More information follow us on Twitter at @GmobileOfficial, official verified account of G-Mobile LLC, Mongolia.

Key Facts:

  • Without      any data service, G-Mobile subscribers can tweet, receive his updates and      mentions via SMS by activating Twitter on their phone
  • With      high speed data service, G-Mobile subscribers can use Twitter free.

For more information, visit G-Mobile on or and follow the company on twitter




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