Infobip’s USSD solution powers informatics study initiative

Infobip, one of the world’s fastest growing messaging and network technology providers, today announced its support for a free USSD-based informatics study programme. Using Infobip’s USSD Centre and Infobip-provided connectivity to local mobile operators, this initiative provides a free learning service available to anyone with a mobile handset. Through a series of menus, the programme randomly lists key IT terms and concepts and gives a short definition understandable to the general public regardless of their previous knowledge.

This initiative is free for end-users thanks to Infobip providing the platform and connectivity at no charge. In the words of Infobip CEO Silvio Kutic, “We’ve always been a knowledge-based company and we feel that this is the least we could do to help spread the IT gospel. Who knows, maybe one of our future star developers is using the service right now?”

Created by the high school informatics professor from Pula Marino Jurinovic, the initiative has also been nominated for the “Surf and Learn” award for best online learning tool as part of the Webfestival 2011 of the Croatian Academic and Research Network (CARNet).

Infobip is a global telecommunications specialist providing a cutting edge Mobile Services Cloud enabling seamless integration between enterprise and mobile network operators. Infobip’s entire portfolio of services and solutions is designed and developed in-house and draws on extensive experience gained in this market segment.

By adopting a regional approach with dedicated development and support Infobip is able to provide clients worldwide with carrier-grade quality, reliability and flexibility whilst at the same time understanding and incorporating local requirements. More info at

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