Innovation And Change, Key Catalysts for 3G Revenue Growth in India, Says MACH

Inaugural ‘Insights India’ Conference in Jaipur attracts leading mobile operators from India, Srilanka, Bangladesh, and Bhutan

MACH, the leading provider of hub-based mobile communication solutions, took its industry leading Insights conference to India last week, with the inaugural session of ‘Insights India’. The exclusive event in Jaipur, for key representatives from India’s mobile operator community and beyond, delved into the industry’s drivers of change and opportunity, from consumer behaviours and preferences to technology innovation, to policy and regulation, all of which undoubtedly will be the catalysts for driving revenue growth in the new 3G world and beyond.

According to Rich Grohol, Insights India keynote speaker and Chief Commercial Officer, MACH: ”The changing dynamics of the global roaming industry are creating enormous potential for revenue growth and opportunities to reduce costs for mobile operators. On the one hand, we see the balance of profits moving from the wholesale to the retail environment, encouraging operators to stimulate usage by being more creative in the way they package services for subscribers. On the other hand, we see data roaming fast becoming a force to reckon with and well on the path to replacing voice as the main revenue stream. At the same time, we see interconnect billing and roaming processes within operators becoming much more closely aligned as operators focus on cost containment, revenue development and more active wholesale margin management.”

”As the industry focus gradually shifts away from plain vanilla voice towards mobile data, WiFi offload, interconnect, content, and Machine-to-Machine (M2M), the road map ahead becomes a lot more challenging, but at the same time steeped in rich opportunity. In this scenario, we envisage new and innovative tools, such as new business models equipped with advanced business intelligence techniques, advanced hubbing solutions, Web 2.0 providers / devices, revenue protection solutions, and wholesale roaming modules, that will help mobile operators to generate more revenue and meet consumer demands,” Grohol added.

Summing up the conference, Raghunatha Chary, Regional Vice President Sales, MACH India, said: ”Our main aim at Insights India was to help operators explore strategies for driving revenue growth in the new 3G world, and from the feedback we have received to date I believe we accomplished this. The conference was also an ideal opportunity to share market trends from the rest of the world. 3G data offload was one such trend we explored with operators who were curious to understand how other regions are progressing in this area. With LTE and 4G on the horizon and smart phones swamping the market, like others in the industry, we believe the scarcity of spectrum will demand high levels of data offload and a proper coordinated strategy along with it.”

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