5G messaging senior cultivator – Microfountain released ‘the YUAN creation plan”, announced open source 5G messaging engine

In 13th April, a crucial participant in 5G messaging ecosystem – Microfountain released it’s “the YUAN creation plan”, announced its open source strategy of 5G messaging. According to Microfountain’s CEO, Yuluo DUAN said Microfountain will open RCS protocol stack (RCS 5G messaging engine), and will continue to participant in development and operation of 5G messaging service in the future.

Microfountain is the first enterprise to open RCS source code in industry. AS a senior cultivator for 5G messaging industry, over the years it invested 30 million for research and development and accumulated the depth technology has great industry value. This open source 5G messaging engine has a high technical threshold, and its oversea solutions are basically provided by Google.

RCS 5G messaging engine is a solution for 5G client and an important closed loop for commercial 5G launch. This is another good news after the three major operators combined released the 5G messaging white paper, which means that 5G network is no longer only in the stage of technology research and development, but will quickly promote the application and commercialization, and accelerate the comprehensiveness of basic messaging service upgrade.

The development of 5G network is inseparable from the standard,opening up,and win-win relationship in 5G messaging ecosystem. The released of 5G messaging plan “ The Yuan creation plan” by Microfountain will attract more industry partner to join in the construction of 5G messaging, stimulate the internal power of 5G messaging, accelerate the development of 5G messaging, and promote the development of 5G messaging standard and ecological construction, it also indicates that 5G messaging will move forward to openness, sharing and win-win directly.

5G messaging , that is RCS (Rich Communication Suite)rich media messages, are based on the GSMA RCS UP standard and through the entrance of native SMS on smart phones. The mobile phone is the user ID, which is mainly divided into point-to-point messages (personal messages) and industry message. Among them, the industry message supports chatbot(chat robot) intelligent interaction function, users can enjoy the search, sharing, chat, payment and other interactive experiences in the message window without install or subscription to implement message as service, with high reach rate, rich media features, strong interactivity, and convenient service capabilities.

Yuluo DUAN said that after the release of the white paper, 5G news quickly attracted public attention, which is a great new for the entire digital economy and 5G development. Microfountain has been cultivating in the field of RCS for many years. As a member of the industry chain, Microfountain hopes that through the disclosure accumulation of RCS technology for many years, it will provide assistance and acceleration for the digital economy, the landing of 5G applications, the industrial Internet and the industry ecology, so that individual users and industry customers can feel convenience and business value the 5G message bring faster. It is understood that Microfountain is an enterprise member of the GSMA International Organization, and a 5G messaging technology development and operation service provider, and has also participated in contributing to the landing of the 5G messaging standard. In 2019, Microfountain, China Mobile and Meizu jointly developed and launched the first domestic mobile phone terminal with RCS MaaP messaging capability.

It is reported that Huawei, ZTE, Xiaomi, OPPO, vivo, Meizu, Hisense, Lenovo, Samsung, Realme and other mobile phone manufacturers have fully participated in the construction of 5G messaging. Apple is negotiating with the GSMA to support the RCS agreement. 5G news is a long-term strategy of the country’s new infrastructure, operators, mobile phone manufacturers, platform service providers, content providers and other parties in the industry chain are pushing forward vigorously, but it is clearly impossible to achieve in the short term.

Yuluo DUAN believes, “If enterprises want to quickly integrate into the communication Internet at this stage, choosing smart SMS that shines in the 4G era is the best solution. We welcome enterprise friends to contact us.”

Smart SMS is mainly aimed at industry messages, so that original SMS has Internet functions, has scene-oriented and precise service features, and related to 5G messages. It is the frontier exploration of 5G messages, which can help industry messages smoothly transition to 5G messages, and can realize some functions and value of 5G messages, and it is the 0.8 version of 5G news. For enterprises, upgrading smart SMS can not only bring business value growth, but also can be deployed in advance, familiar with the business operation rules of SMS, and gradually guide users to use messaging services to prepare for the future entry into the 5G messaging ecosystem.

About Microfountain

Microfountain is a star unicorn enterprise dedicated to artificial intelligence semantic analysis technology and application. It is a 5G messaging cultivator, technology development and operation service provider. The company has developed and launched new age products such as Bizport smart SMS, quick App, RCS rich media messaging, etc., which can provide enterprises with efficient, accurate, and interactive 5G smart SMS integration solutions, which successfully help enterprises acquire customers, wake up, and repurchase , Business transformation.

The official contact email address for the registration application for the 5G messaging “the YUAN creation plan”: apply@chinarcs.org.

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