Mpirical Extends Immersive Learning Portfolio

Mpirical is set to unveil powerful immersive learning additions for its already extensive library of video learning for the telecoms sector this week.

The new additions include a lab environment for the acclaimed NetX network visualisation tool and the further enhancement of their interactive NetXplore learning application, through an Augmented Reality feature.

NetXLabs gives the immediate practical experience of configuring a real-life 5G core network to build on the company’s foundational 5G training. Within the lab environment, students can access 5G-based lab exercises covering network analysis and network function configuration, complete troubleshooting exercises to challenge their understanding, and utilise the dynamic capturing of live network traces. Commenting on the launch of the new training tool, Mpirical COO, Gavin Mitchell adds, ‘NetX already has extremely positive acclaim, so it was a natural next step to add our lab environment to the lineup of training solutions.’

NetXplore elevates training to new heights by putting the learner in the driver’s seat to interact with a simulated world of telecommunications networks.

Ideal for newcomers to telecoms, NetXplore brings theoretical concepts to life with interactive simulations. Users can visualise complex network structures, learn about 5G use cases, and engage in hands-on learning experiences, making it an indispensable tool for onboarding anyone to the world of telecommunications.

CEO of Mpirical, Dave Hudson, expressed excitement about the upcoming product launch, stating, ‘Our commitment to continually transforming the learning experience in telecoms is at the core of what we do, and the practical application of newly learned knowledge is an increasing theme. These new applications provide unparalleled training experiences empowering both seasoned telecom professionals and newcomers to the sector.’

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About Mpirical:

Mpirical is a leading telecoms training company dedicated to empowering professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the dynamic world of telecommunications. With a focus on innovation and quality content, Mpirical continues to redefine industry training standards by developing engaging and learner-focussed content for sector new entrants to advanced-level professionals.


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