netnumber Global Data Services Expands Carrier ID Coverage to Cameroon, Onboards Austria, Belgium, Hong Kong and Ghana

BOSTON — Aug. 1, 2023 netnumber Global Data Services, the world-leading provider of phone number intelligence data, is excited to announce that it has expanded and empowered its industry-leading mobile routing solution, Carrier ID. This solution — which enables Mobile Network Operators, Communications Service Providers, and enterprises to overcome number portability challenges with comprehensive data — has undergone several expansions for enhanced global coverage.


Carrier ID, a global product, now offers mission-critical advantages to even more markets, including the west-central African country of Cameroon. In addition, the company also recently onboarded Austria, Belgium, Hong Kong and Ghana. With these service expansions, netnumber GDS customers can access high-quality, normalized and up-to-date number portability data for all 110+ countries where number portability is implemented. Additionally, this enhanced coverage enables the company to deliver even better quality data and response times with a denser data access fabric, improving customer experiences and outcomes.


netnumber GDS’s best-in-class portability-corrected data ensures that the mobile ecosystem can provide the most accurate, reliable and efficient routing despite the growing rate of number porting from carrier to carrier. With access to these robust data sets and netnumber GDS’s unique ability to vet and validate phone number insights, customers can certify that their messages and voice calls will always reach the correct carrier and subscriber. Subsequently, these mobile providers can:


  • Avert the costs of undelivered communications
  • Prevent fraudulent transactions
  • Avoid expensive call forwarding fees
  • Improve conversion rates and user experience with reduced delivery times and retries
  • Enhance mobile ecosystem visibility and security
  • Accurately leverage least-cost routing solutions


“Carrier ID represents a simple, elegant solution to evolving, complex ecosystem challenges that come with increased number porting across the world. When carrier and phone number data is highly available, accurate, and normalized for maximum ease of use, the cost, speed, reliability and accuracy of mobile communications can be wholly optimized. That translates into superior operational success for MNOs, CSPs, and enterprises alike,” comments Steve Legge, CEO of netnumber Global Data Services. “We always look to take our data-driven solutions to the next level, offering game-changing advantages that are unique in our industry, and we’re always thrilled to bring those advantages to new regions.”


netnumber GDS’s industry-leading Carrier ID solution is underscored by the company’s Global Carrier Mapping Registry (GCMR), data normalization and NNID (netnumber ID) offerings. The company has mapped every carrier across the globe and now offers customers free access to this GCMR database — the most widely utilized identification tool of its kind. The GCMR identifies every communications service provider in over 200 countries, translating that identification (NNID) into mission-critical information about the destination operator.


While other solutions rely on identifying carriers by Mobile Country Code or Mobile Network Code (which can easily become confused due to carriers sharing the same codes or not having a code), a unique NNID overcomes common complexity pitfalls. NNID solves for issues caused by high levels of formatting variability across number portability and code range data between different countries. netnumber GDS ensures all this data comes to the customer in a single, simplified format, making routing optimization and API integration easier than ever.


netnumber Global Data Services delivers Carrier ID and these benefits across an extensive, strategically expanding global network with worldwide points of presence. Its best-in-class infrastructure is fast, reliable, and highly available — offering 99.999% uptime across billions of queries and phone numbers, hundreds of data sets, and hundreds of millions of provisioning requests every month.


With these advantages, Carrier ID is a key global solution that ensures the mobile ecosystem can create more accurate, cost-effective, simplified and secure communications on a global scale.


To learn more about netnumber Global Data Services’ Carrier ID, click here.


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netnumber Global Data Services is the world-leading provider of phone number intelligence data. At the forefront of telecommunications for over two decades, the company delivers market-leading real-time number data and routing solutions to Enterprises as well as

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