netnumber Global Data Services Transforms Product Portfolio With Three Core Lines Designed to Optimize Provisioning, Routing, and Trust Capabilities for the Mobile Ecosystem

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Use Case-Centric Portfolio Empowers Service Providers and Enterprises Through Authoritative Registry, Number Lookup, and Fraud Prevention


LOWELL, Mass. — February 282023  netnumber Global Data Services, the world-leading provider of phone number intelligence data, is proud to announce its reimagined product portfolio. This new portfolio enables a more intuitive, use case-centric discovery of netnumber solutions, ensuring service providers and enterprises across the global mobile ecosystem can effectively identify the right tools for their requirements and transform the way they provision services in a complex environment, route rich communications, and build trust with users.


Built on three key operational pillars with three respective product groups, netnumber Global Data Services’ portfolio ensures MNOs (Mobile Network Operators), CSPs (Communications Service Providers) and enterprises can easily architect more efficient, reliable, and secure operations. This is accomplished through authoritative registry resources, robust number lookup capabilities, and innovative fraud prevention opportunities:



The newly refreshed nnSR (netnumber Services Registry) is key to enabling exceptional, streamlined, simplified messaging services and utilizes dedicated service information for each phone number. A vital tool for MVNO network operation, network mergers and migrations, SMS and MMS enablement, and high-value 10DLC and A2P (application-to-person) campaigns, the nnSR stands as one of the industry’s leading enablers for provisioning advantages within the mobile ecosystem. These advantages include the ability to manage messaging routing independently from voice calling, empower cost-effective phone numbers for texting, utilize toll-free numbers for high-volume enterprise messaging, and ensure high-throughput and appropriate fees for A2P campaigns.


In summation, this pillar of the netnumber Global Data Services portfolio enables carrier networks and brings down barriers to rich, omnichannel communication opportunities within the global mobile ecosystem, simplifying complex provisioning processes for more reliability and innovation.



With Carrier ID and RCS (Rich Communication Services) Routing from netnumber, voice, text, and rich media services can be more quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively routed both in North America and globally. With proper visibility into phone number intelligence and identification data, users are able to make optimal routing decisions by resolving the current voice, SMS, and RCS service provider of any telephone number.


This critical pillar of the portfolio has advantageous applications across number validation, porting resolution, and device capability discovery. This ultimately enables the mobile ecosystem to avoid the costs of undeliverable messages, increase successful delivery rates, reduce retries, boost delivery speed, reduce call transfer cost, and maximize the user experience.



With its suite of fraud prevention and mobile security-enhancing solutions — including Guaranteed CallerNumeriRiskNumeriCheck, and NumeriView — netnumber is helping the global mobile ecosystem build and maintain trust throughout the customer base. With these tools, service providers and enterprises can more effectively exclude bad actors from the telecommunications ecosystem by more accurately assessing fraud risk and number validity and verifying Caller and Sender IDs. This reduces or averts risk from common threats such as spoofing, spam calls, and more.


This pillar of the portfolio, at the forefront of security, accomplishes a range of mission-critical tasks for service providers and other members of the mobile ecosystem. This includes achieving STIR/SHAKEN compliance, avoiding erroneous blocking, reducing consumer complaints, increasing the security of transactions, filtering invalid and unassigned numbers, and more.


“This new product portfolio ensures that we are helping our customers comprehensively and effectively tackle all of the biggest priorities and challenges in today’s ecosystem,” comments Steve Legge, CEO and President of netnumber Global Data Services. “Building trust, securing communications, and maintaining reliability while expanding value from new and innovative services or channels is vital for success in this competitive and evolving landscape. We’re confident that with this new approach, our current and new customers can more easily understand how our solutions meet the changing needs of their organization.”


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About netnumber Global Data Services 

netnumber Global Data Services is the world-leading provider of phone number intelligence data. At the forefront of telecommunications for over two decades, the company delivers market-leading real-time number data and routing solutions to Enterprises as well as Messaging and Communication Service Providers, powering communication networks globally, strengthening security and combating fraud. By integrating its comprehensive collection of global number databases, netnumber Services Registry (nnSR), and other data sets, netnumber GlobalData Services provides an unparalleled range of solutions that underpin number portability, routing and billing of voice and data services.


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