Operators getting smarter on VIP subscribers with Astellia’s CEM solution

Rennes, France – Astellia, a leading provider of monitoring solutions for the optimization of mobile network QoS and QoE, unveiled today new CEM analytics and reporting capabilities for its VIP Care application. The solution helps operators monitor and deliver the best user experience to their most valuable subscribers in order to reduce churn and grow revenue.

The web-based VIP Care application enables service providers to quickly assess the QoE perceived by any individual subscriber to a group of users such as a corporate fleet in one single view. VIP Care helps operators define and monitor Service Level Agreements (SLA) with their customers based on Key Quality Indicators. 

The multi-technology application provides reporting, analytics and troubleshooting capabilities to marketing, customer care and network optimization departments. It delivers actionable intelligence by correlating information including network, handset, voice and data service usage. Subscriber’s activity statistics are available such as number of calls made, number of dropped calls, etc. Gauges provide a prompt insight into the QoS of voice, messaging and data services. If a quality threshold is violated, alarms are triggered automatically. Users can then quickly drill down to more detailed KPIs (HO, ISHO, CSSR, etc) and in-depth analysis of all calls and data sessions. Finally VIP Care enables engineering teams to localize precisely the cells regularly used by VIPs and prioritize optimization tasks on these strategic areas. 

Thanks to these CEM dashboards, it becomes quite straightforward to anticipate if an individual user is at risk of encountering any specific problem. By drilling down the different dimensions, the root cause of the issue can be identified. VIP Care is also an excellent tool to develop new high value offers for quality demanding subscribers and gain strong competitive advantage.” explains Laurence Gesny, VIP Care Product Manager at Astellia.

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