Plintron launches IMS and VoLTE in Italy

Plintron has successfully implemented VoLTE launch in Italy over Public cloud & developed and deployed an in-house IP Multi-Media subsystems (IMS) platform based on standards defined by 3GPP & IETF. Plintron MVNE platform was upgraded to accommodate the network elements of IMS in addition to existing network elements.

The project was completed seamlessly in September 2022 without any downtime to subscribers and is the first Multi-Host VoLTE solution in Public-cloud supporting 9 MVNOs in Italy.

Subhashree Radhakrishnan , Vice Chairman and co-founder , Plintron said ” The IMS implementation in Italy ensures that   our MVNOs and their end subscribers  have VoLTE enabled and can make voice and  data calls simultaneously.”

Plintron offers a complete IMS solution deployed in the public cloud and is customized solution routing the incoming traffic of only VoLTE registered customers to the IMS platformThis avoids the need of routing all incoming calls by default to IMS irrespective of customer registration status, and eliminates additional infrastructure capacity requirements for handling all the calls. The solution is specially developed in conjunction with HLR/HSS and IN, involving MAP and CAP protocol, without any changes to the network of MNO and outside world.

This is a new innovation made by Plintron as normally MNOs have no choice but to route all the incoming calls for the entire subscriber base towards IMS,. This leads to  waste of capacity in form of double handling  as IMS has to  further route back the Non VoLTE registered subscriber calls back to MNO network for termination resulting in requirement for more capacity to handle the extra  traffic due to this double handling and loopback. The Plintron solution ensures only calls of VoLTE registered subscribers are routed to IMS saving double handling and capacity.

IMS and VoLTE is on the Plintron roadmap to be extended to other MVNO clients in Europe over Public cloud.

About Plintron

Plintron is a digital communication technology company enabling brands to acquire and engage customers. It is the World’s largest Multi-Country end-to-end MVNA / MVNE with a client base in 6 continents.  With mobile network services in over 30 countries spanning 6 continents supported by 1000+ telecom professionals, Plintron has launched 143+ MVNOs and 165 million+ mobile subscribers. Plintron has won many global industry awards including “MVNE of the Year” at the MVNOs World Congress 2022.


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