Sicap Beats Voice ARPU Downturn in the Prepaid Market

BERNE, Switzerland, June 19, 2012 /PRNewswire/ —

Sicap has successfully delivered an antidote to declining voice revenues for its operator customers in Europe and Asia. For one operator, the rapid decline in metered prepaid voice from 50 to 40% of revenue has been compensated by a new 12% share gained by bundled packages of voice, SMS, data and third party offers, enabled by a sicap solution.

The sicap recipe for ARPU has proved successful in encouraging subscribers to spend more in exchange for extra services that they consider valuable.

It combines centralised recharge management which allows operators to market attractive bundled offers, with real-time incentives and innovative sales channels to maximise availability.

According to sicap Asia’s Managing Director Mr Isaac SIM, “In our region, enthusiastic young prepaid subscribers have been snapping up the hot ticket vouchers like hot cakes, eager to make the most of their discount at fast-food partner outlets.” Cross-selling is indeed an effective way of encouraging business, while avoiding cannibalisation, or the erosion of ARPU due to the discounting of voice minutes.

Sicap has also conferred the ability for operators to directly target segments likely to respond to specific bundles. International dialers, generally migrant workers, are recognised during their reload operation, and proposed offers which include International call minutes, added Mr SIM. To achieve this, sicap uses real time profiling and next-generation loyalty management tools to trigger rules-based incentives at moments when subscribers are most likely to be receptive.

Conscious that retail outlets are still the preferred channel for subscribers to recharge their credit (60% in Western Europe and up to 90% in emerging markets), sicap adds a further competitive advantage for its operator customers, by powering in-store kiosks. Sicap Payment and Self-Service Kiosks are a definite plus for operator shops in all markets. They eliminate the cost of producing and distributing vouchers, and significantly enhance the customer experience by screening personalised and relevant incentives during the operation.

Sicap prepaid recharge solutions not only enable operators to create and innovate with their marketing campaigns, they also provide full statistics per target group, for the monitoring and analysis of promotion results.

About Sicap

Sicap software solutions empower mobile operators to deliver a superior subscriber experience, create new revenue streams and reduce operating costs.

Sicap develops and implements solutions across the value chain, including DM, billing and loyalty, m-money, and USSD solutions. Present in 120 networks, serving 920 million subscribers in 76 countries worldwide.

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