Sicap Device Management helps operators steer iPhones

Sicap technology deployed to help operators allocate network resources according to devices in-use.

Berne, Switzerland, 28/06/2012. Sicap technology now combines assisted Wi-Fi configurations with geo-localised device detection in order to steer subscribers to an enhanced mobile data experience.

Sicap Device Management Centre (DMC) is a real ally to optimising network resources. DMC deploys automatic detection of devices and interaction with subscribers in chosen locations, such as Wi-Fi hotspots. 

The first scenario identified by one operator is the automatic detection of iPhone users when they enter a hotspot and the subsequent prompting to switch to Wi-Fi by sicap DMC. When the iPhone user enters the zone, sicap DMC intelligently triggers an SMS containing a URL with connection parameters to the WiFi network and an incentive for the subscriber to switch to Wi-Fi. Consequently, both the subscribers switching to WiFi and those who remain on the 3G network benefit from improvements to data connection speeds. Subscribers requiring bandwidth for mobile Internet surfing or downloads for example, are ensured an uninterrupted session thanks to better load balancing between networks.

Sicap DMC also ensures that return visitors to the zone (for example commuters at a train station) will only receive the SMS once. Encouragingly, feedback from Wi-Fi users in hotspots indicates that on later occasions, they switch over on their own initiative if they notice a better Internet connection the first time. Other resource optimisation scenario are under study by the operator and we can expect for instance to see selective Android OS steering in the months to come.

Mr. Frédéric Braun, DMC Product Manager at sicap affirmed that “Convergent network, location and device information is now required in order to optimise bandwidth allocation. Sicap engineers have focused on these challenges and can now proudly demonstrate how DMC can contribute. Behind the scenes, the operator achieves better load balancing and control over capital investment. In terms of customer service, with our DMC 4.2 solution, an operator will be able to alleviate network congestion in traffic hotspots, thereby improving the Quality of Experience for subscribers and hence brand image”.

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