Silverstreet revamps Mobile Communicator platform for improved SMS Campaigns

Oosterhout, the Netherlands – August 16, 2013 – Silverstreet (, a diversified telecom group and specialist in Mobile Messaging (SMS), has announced the release of it’s enhanced Mobile Communicator, an online platform that enables real-time management of SMS and Number Lookup campaigns.

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Businesses worldwide, from a variety of different industries, are all using SMS campaigns as part of their marketing mix. It’s a fast, cost-effective and high impact way to get millions of messages across to current and prospective customers.

“Silverstreet’s increasing volumes and customer base required a revamp of our existing service offerings. We wanted to provide our customers in all sectors with an easy-to-use, scalable design, with improved stability and capacity,” says Simon Landsheer, President and CEO of Silverstreet Group. “It’s an exciting time as we are continually adding fantastic additional features to the Mobile Communicator – these features are really going to change the way businesses can integrate SMS into their daily operations, giving them a more flexible and customisable solution.

Running an SMS campaign with Mobile Communicator allows the easy distribution of messages to a list of pre-selected recipients. Users can develop and personalize the content of each message with the use of Silverstreet’s customized tagging system, and also develop standard message templates for quick, regular use. For example a local retail store could send an SMS to a customer who recently ordered a product  “Hi John, your order 3456 is ready for collection at our head office. Please visit our website via [hyperlink] for directions or to request delivery.”

The Mobile Communicator Number Lookup service will help users identify inactive numbers, and easily manage Mobile Number Portability (MNP). The benefits of this service include a decrease in costs, reduced fraud and a more accurate and up to date database for messaging and routing needs.

“I’m particularly excited about the detailed reports and logs available for all campaigns – giving our customers complete control and access to invaluable insights and data in real time, such as the number of messages delivered or response rate of a specific campaign” says Landsheer.

With the recently improved Mobile Communicator, millions of enterprises will have access to a variety of enhanced features, including:

Easy to use
Simple to set up, send and monitor multiple SMS and Number Lookup campaigns.

Unlimited campaigns
Send unlimited SMS and Number Lookup campaigns under one account.

Easily import contacts
Upload contacts using Excel or CSV and segment each list by adding filters within a list.

Unique, personal campaigns
Develop your own unique, personalized message for each campaign using our tagging system.

Time your communication
Schedule your campaigns to go out at a time that best suits the requirements of your campaign.

Cost effective
Subscription is free – only pay for the campaigns you send.

Valuable data and reporting
Keep track of delivery rates and details enabling you to assess the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Multiple users and easy billing
Set up multiple users and manage each users rights – one bill, one account and multiple users

The scalable design and improved stability and capacity guarantees use large volumes, in all sectors and industries.

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For more information on Silverstreet’s Mobile Communicator, please contact a sales representative via [email protected]

About Silverstreet

Silverstreet mobile messaging (SMS) specialist offers global MT termination options over 800+ networks. Our primary focus is on mission critical traffic and high volume (wholesale) clients.

Founded in 1999, Silverstreet is a diversified telecom group with interests in various tele and .com companies. Working with over 3000+ businesses, including mobile service providers and enterprises, Silverstreet’s mobile messaging solutions and innovative, highly scalable transaction platform continually provides our clients with unique, reliable and secure solutions.

Our product portfolio permits the easy and efficient integration of mobile services, regardless of whether you are a small independent user or a multinational enterprise.

Silverstreet is a privately funded, full MEF (Mobile Entertainment Forum) member and GSMA Associate member. Our footprint is global with headquarters in the Netherlands, local offices in Europe and Asia, as well as representatives in Russia, Australia and South Africa. We reach a volume of approximately 2.4 billion SMS messages a year and our group revenue forecast for 2013 exceeds 100m EUR.

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