Silverstreet supports It Matters relief efforts following typhoon Haiyan

Following the devastation of typhoon Haiyan, which hit the Philippines on 8 November 2013, mobile messaging specialist Silverstreet, is implementing its tried and tested internal social responsibility program – providing employees with the opportunity to donate to the aid efforts of non-profit organization It Matters . Staff can trade in annual leave days or contribute through payroll and Silverstreet will double all staff contributions. To kick start the relief fund, Silverstreet has donated USD $7, 500 in cash to immediately assist with the daily efforts of the It Matters team and has further calculated that with staff contributions they expect to contribute a total of around USD $12,000.

It Matters is a non-profit organization aimed at uplifting the lives of vulnerable individuals in Cebu, Phillipines through educational programs supported by organizations with the energy and resources to assist. The organisation has set up a dedicated operation to provide relief operations to the typhoon victims facing hunger, thirst, sickness and grief and by following them on Facebook you can keep up to date via their regular video reports of each drop-off.

“This tragedy is heartbreaking and as a socially conscious company we believe that taking part in global relief efforts is of absolute necessity. Natural disasters of this magnitude require those that have the means, be it time or money, to come together and provide support and solidarity for the affected,” says Simon Landsheer, CEO of Silverstreet.

“We are extremely proud to be joining forces with It Matters,” Simon continues, “they are as grass-roots as it gets, with each team member using their own time and resources to source aid products for those affected by the typhoon and driving in every night with a truck to the disaster area to hand out these emergency aid packages. USD$2 will feed a family for a day so with our initial donation, It Matters is able to feed at least 3750 people! We’re all looking forward to sending them more support over the coming days and hope other companies will follow suit.”

In 2012 alone, Silverstreet and its staff members donated in excess of EUR 15, 000 via its internal social responsibility program towards relief for the Haiti and Japan earthquakes.

For more information on how to donate directly to It Matters typhoon relief operations, please visit the It Matters website. Follow them on Facebook for more videos.

Find more information on Silverstreet’s social responsibility.

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About It Matters It Matters ( is a non-profit organization committed to uplifting the lives of vulnerable and indigent young individuals by giving them equal opportunities to succeed.

We aim to build a society with hopes to bring a bright future for the youngsters. Our goal is to reach out to other like-minded companies in Cebu’s IT Industry and create a dedicated network of private sponsors able to pool their energy and resources to support projects and other initiatives.

With It Matters, young individuals will be able to gain three (3) essential skills – Information Technology, Entrepreneurship and Leadership through a combination of educational programs.

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