Starhome Predictions for 2013 – The Year of the Network

Zurich, Switzerland; 28 January 2013 – Starhome®, the leading provider of roaming value added services, predicts that 2013 will be the year for new strategies to optimize network traffic performance in response to increasing data demands.

As the global deployment of LTE (4G) networks continues to grow, so does the need for operators to deploy compliant solutions. If operators are to enhance service delivery, boost network flexibility and optimize their networks, they will require LTE compliant solutions to promote seamless roaming between 3G and LTE network technologies. Until the full global deployment of LTE, fall-back solutions to 3G will be needed when 4G (LTE) is not available.

A sizeable change in the roaming picture will come next year when the 2014 EU Roaming regulation comes into effect.  To prepare for free subscriber choice in choosing a roaming provider, operators will spend 2013 readying their networks with solutions to tackle the new regulation. Unprecedented competition between home networks for the roaming business will appear that in turn can threaten their local market share as some churn may occur as a result. Operators will need to compete with both visited networks and new non-operator players who will also be offering local data packages. Other regions are following these activities closely since regulation may eventually spread beyond Europe.

2013 is also set to bring a mixture of challenges to the mobile arena, including required solution upgrades to enable seamless subscriber services between various network technologies. Operators will have no choice but to re-evaluate their current Quality of Service (QoS).

To maximize current and future network infrastructure, mobile operators will need to harness big data analytics, not only to support key business initiatives, but also to help them better understand how heavy data users are utilizing the mobile Internet. In addition, big data is set to become an instrumental tool in aiding operators to anticipate potential opportunities and quickly respond to problems.

Analyzing big data gives operators a better understanding of subscribers’ usage patterns and preferences – enabling operators to provide sufficient bandwidth per device or fine-tune their offerings to each subscriber’s own personal profile, which means new revenue streams and growth.

Shlomo Wolfman, Co-founder & COO at Starhome explained, “Starhome is constantly monitoring the telecom industry for new trends and developments. This allows us to predict future challenges and act accordingly.” Wolfman continued: “The roaming market is entering a new era where regulations are making an impact, and operators want to provide effortless roaming. As long as solutions are in place to tackle the latest challenges of emerging networks, new regulations and data roaming, operators are looking at a good year.”

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