stc first to launch Super Link Solution in Commercial Networks

stc first to launch Super Link Solution in Commercial Networks image

Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, November 24, 2022: stc has reached a new milestone with the innovation of commercial Super Link solution. This innovative solution was deployed in collaboration with Huawei for the first time ever. This single-antenna link provides up to 10 Gbps using the normal band; link capacity depends on the used packet size. This deployment decreases the number of antennas from three antenna to one antenna which result in 67% reduction in the tower load, also the Radio HW load is reduced by 70%, Super link is providing a simplified and large-bandwidth MW solution for 5G suburban sites and chain MW links where high capacity required with long distances.

stc has the largest 5G coverage in Saudi Arabia and the drive towards higher data transmission efficiency will help deliver an enhanced customer experience with digitization being a pillar of kingdoms’ vision 2030.

Eng. Bader A. Allhieb, infrastructure VP of stc Saudi Arabia, said: “Super Link avoids hardware stacking for long-reach large-capacity microwave, which eases the deployment. It provides a higher bandwidth and effectively covers suburban areas with 5G. What’s more, Super Link can be combined with the long-reach E-band solution that can provide smooth coverage in urban areas to accelerate stc’s 5G deployment.

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