TD Tech’s ICP Secures G20 Summit in Indonesia!

Accompany with Security, Walk with Intelligence.

From November 15 to 16, 2022, the 17th G20 Summit was held in Bali. Themed by “Recover Together, Recover Stronger”, the G20 Summit gathered the leaders of the world’s 20 largest economies to carry out multilateral consultations and bilateral discussions, and to jointly discuss and formulate solutions to global challenges, such as sluggish growth, high inflation, energy crisis, food shortage and geographic security.

G20 Monument in Denpasar Bali


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In such a grand international diplomatic arena, the logistics support shall not be neglected at any moment. As one of the logistics support enterprises of the G20 Summit, TD Tech provided the following products and solutions: public network cluster solution and BWC solution, which provided real-time supports of audio function and video communication and dispatch function for the front-line service staff to guarantee the successful holding of the G20 Summit.

A dark horse doomed to strut its stuff! Let’s witness how TD Tech provides on-site logistics support for the G20 Summit:

ITDC Nusa Dua G20 Summit Security Communication Center

Frontline service staff providing logistics support during the G20 Summit

The main application scenarios of the public network cluster solution of the G20 Summit were VIP security and fleet communication and dispatch. The background communication system eAPP, which was arranged on the public network with the cluster terminal, achieved audio, video, location, multi-media information communications between communication and dispatch center, on-site communication center and front-line security staff to meet the needs of relevant business departments for security.

At the early stage of logistics support activities, the frontline service staff was debugging the cluster dispatch system in the Communication Center Machine Room.

Guiding channel customers to wear and use the BWC

Guiding channel customers to check equipment status of BWC

Guiding customers to use the BWC

In addition, the G20 Summit applied TD Tech BWC solution. The ICP (Integrated Communication Platform) and BWC achieved real-time transmission of on-site images to the Communication Center, which provided effective measures for the frontline service staff to obtain evidence for law enforcement; the Communication Center made decisions according to on-site situation at the first time, and achieved collaboration of personnel positioning, resources dispatch, video inspection and other global security logistics support businesses.

Customer drills during the Summit

Effect of TD Tech multi-media dispatch console on the wall of the Communication Center

Effect of TD Tech multi-media dispatch console on the wall of the Bali Security Organization.

On November 16, 2022 (local time), the G20 Summit was rounded off. During the week-long G20 Summit, TD Tech’s BWC and ICP reliably have been working in the humid and hot environment of Bali without a break, ensuring the stable transmission of communications between on-site service staff with excellent performance, so that the frontline service staff could dispatch in the venue in the frequent and smooth manner. For a long time, TD Tech’s products and solutions have supported large-scale events around the world, which were highly trusted by customers. We will remain customer-oriented! We will make sustained efforts!

Group photo of frontline service staff, customers and channels after logistics support activities

Group photo of frontline service staff after logistics support activities


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