World’s Largest Multi-service IPX Network Reaches LTE Milestone

Aicent’s LTE roaming network reaches global milestone by successfully interconnecting over fifty global mobile operators

San Jose, CA – September 30, 2013 – Aicent, a global multi-service IPX network provider of mobile data network services and solutions for global mobile operators, today announced it has reached an industry milestone by becoming the first mobile interworking provider to network over fifty international LTE operators. Achieving this LTE roaming milestone, solidifies Aicent’s position as the worldwide leading developer of LTE interoperability and interworking solutions required for next-generation 4G roaming.


LTE implementations by today’s mobile operators continues to grow at an exponential rate with over 21 million new subscribers added in Q1 2013 and LTE subscriptions predicted to reach 1.6 billion by 2018, according to a GSA study. This impressive growth, supported by the increased popularity of smart devices worldwide, is directly impacting the growth of LTE roaming as subscribers continue to demand access to high speed LTE services as they travel beyond their home networks.

Aicent has been on the forefront of LTE roaming development by constructing the largest network hub of global LTE providers. Now with over 50 LTE roaming connections with major mobile carriers located around the world including: United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Chile, Bolivia, Colombia, Uruguay, Paraguay, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Singapore, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Philippines, Guam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Australia, United Kingdom, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and others.

In reaching this milestone, Aicent’s LTE roaming platform has successfully interoperated with more than 10 leading Diameter platforms in the industry.  Some interesting statistics: Commercial LTE roamers on Aicent’s IPX network continues to grow at a blistering pace of 35% month-on-month, with over 88 roaming routes and strong Diameter signaling growing at a steady clip of 45% monthly.

Supporting Quotes:

Isabelle Paradis, President, HOT TELECOM

“With the number of LTE subscribers quickly closing in on 2 billion, the proliferation of LTE devices on a global scale has directly impacted the need for the world’s mobile operators to move quickly on testing and implementing LTE networks. The availability of powerful LTE interconnect solutions offers these global operators cost effective LTE roaming designed to moderate the growing signaling surge, while supplying their subscribers with seamless access to high speed 4G applications as they travel abroad.”

Marc Zionts, President and CEO of Aicent, Inc. “As the first and only LTE roaming service provider to connect over 50 global LTE networks, Aicent is proud to become the largest provider of roaming interconnection services for today’s rapidly growing mobile roaming industry. Reaching this significant milestone helps to further serve Aicent’s customers around the globe, supporting the continued worldwide adoption of LTE and enhances our position as the world’s foremost leading multi-service IPX provider of LTE roaming services.”

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About HOT TELECOM  HOT TELECOM is one of the most innovative telecom research and consulting companies in the industry. With its head office in Montreal – Canada, HOT TELECOM’s team is composed of International telecom experts based in America, Europe and Asia, giving it a unique insight into the global telecom market.

HOT TELECOM, in operation for over 10 years, has served 200+ of the industry’s leading operators, consulting firms and governments globally, providing them with Telecom Analysis and reports, Training and Consulting services across a wide range of subject areas. More recently, it has been working with many of the world’s global wholesalers and service providers to help them define their IP and IPX evolution strategy.

About Aicent Founded in 2000, Aicent, Inc., is the world’s largest multi-service IPX provider of data network services and solutions connecting to over 200  global mobile operators, including ten of the worlds’ largest. Through extensive partnerships and peering arrangements, Aicent’s network reaches all 2G, 3G and 4G LTE operators around the world allowing mobile subscribers to roam seamlessly between international operator networks. The company’s roaming hub supports integrated mobile messaging solutions and value added data roaming and global reach infrastructure services designed to help carriers maximize revenue opportunities. For more information, visit

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