eSIM/UICC Generic Test Profile for Device Testing

The GSMA Terminal Steering Group is pleased to announce the publication of TS.48 Generic eUICC Test Profile for Device Testing.

The introduction of Devices with non-removable UICCs presents a need to review best practice for testing. System simulator-based Device testing for industry certification schemes such as GCF and PTCRB has traditionally expected the necessary Test Profiles to be made available via removable test UICCs.

As the industry moves towards widespread usage of eUICCs, testing of eUICC capable Devices becomes less clear. The opportunity therefore exists to specify a way in which Test Profiles for eUICCs will be made available, and configurable, for industry standardised testing.

The Generic Test Profile described in TS.48 is the result of an interest group of the test industry, device manufacturers and network operators

  • It is designed to work only on test networks, defined by specific technologies and their associated test specifications, as referenced by global industry certification schemes.
  • It has been developed with the intention that it can be included as a Test Profile in eUICC.
  • The Generic Test Profile has been designed to be the default Test Profile on eUICC.  This has the advantage that it is not necessary to bypass the eUICC, or modify device hardware to enable conformance testing of an eSIM capable Device. It does not preclude the existence of other Test Profiles for purposes outside the scope of this document.

TS.48 also addresses the necessary definitions, preconditions and processes around the Generic Test Profile in the scope of testing and certification of a Device, for example preconditions for radio frequency and protocol testing defined by 3GPP specifications.

This Generic Test Profile has been specified to be fully compatible with the GSMA Embedded SIM specifications for both M2M and Consumer Devices as defined in GSMA PRDs SGP.01, SGP.02, SGP.21 and SGP.22.

The publication of this specification includes an Annex A which defines the contents of the Test Profile as an excel file.  In addition a reference ASN.1 of the profile is included.  This ASN-1 was used to verify the profile, and provides an optional baseline for the creation of a Test profile compliant to TS.48

TS.48 can be found in the link below.

TS.48 Generic eUICC Test Profile for Device Testing

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