FASG Outstanding Contribution Awards

The GSMA’s Fraud and Security Group (FASG) drives the mobile industry’s management of fraud and security matters related to mobile technology, networks and services. The group is volunteer-driven and relies on the written contributions, valuable time and expertise of delegates from member organisations.

Strong contributions are recognised within FASG through FASG Recognition Awards, and FASG Outstanding Contribution Awards go further to highlight those individuals who have made outstanding contributions to reducing fraud and increasing mobile industry security over an extended period of time.


Recipients of a FASG Outstanding Contribution Award have made a significant impact on the mobile industry’s efforts to ensure security and counter fraud during their involvement in the FASG and the sub-groups feeding into it. Each recipient’s citation gives a sense of the impact their work has made – for which we are exceptionally grateful.

Prof. Steve Babbage – November 2021

Prof. Steve Babbage, Vodafone Distinguished Engineer, Security Research Manager and Group Chief Cryptographer at Vodafone Group R&D recently left Vodafone to become a part-time consultant and academic.

“Steve is recognised as a mobile security expert of global standing and he has been actively involved in industry security initiatives for over twenty years.

His contributions have benefited a range of organisations, including 3GPP and ETSI where Steve has been Chair of its Security Algorithms Group of Experts, which specified cryptographic algorithms for mobile technologies from 2G onwards.

Steve has also made an enormous contribution to the work of the GSM Association (GSMA) on security matters and we would like to formally recognise the active role and significant contribution he has made to the work of our Security Group and Fraud and Security Group over many years.

Steve’s expertise in cryptography hugely benefitted GSMA’s work, whether it was reacting to the breaking of algorithms or forward planning to avoid such events happening, but his contributions went well beyond that niche field.

Steve consistently provided thought leadership on security as a member of GSMA’s Fraud and Security Advisory Panel and his sense of perspective and recognition of broader business needs has greatly helped our Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure (CVD) programme and the consideration of submitted security research.

Security has been an essential ingredient in the success of mobile technologies and Steve has made a significant contribution to the wellbeing of mobile users and the industry that serves them around the world.

Steve’s achievements are many and it is appropriate to mark his remarkable service to the wider industry and to recognise the outstanding contribution he has made to GSMA’s security work.

GSMA thanks Steve for his dedication and enthusiasm for the development and enhancement of essential security enablers, from which we will all benefit well into the future.

We hope to have the opportunity to continue to work with Steve, who has been a great friend to our industry, and we wish him well with his future work.”