Networks Group


The Networks Group (NG) specifies technical, operational, and performance requirements to support international roaming and interworking, taking into account technology evolutions.

The NG focuses on compatibility and interoperability aspects of the signalling and inter-working of roaming between Public Land Mobile Networks and public switched networks.

The group defines profiles, guidelines, and test procedures for voice and data services to provide a better experience to users for mobile services. The services include those from Rich Communication Services (RCS).

In addition to that, the group specifies a common infrastructure abstraction and exposure of a set of capabilities, resources, and interfaces offered by an operator’s virtualisation/cloud infrastructure.

The group encompasses a number of sub-working groups working on the various topics in their remit and complies with the specification policy and procedures related to Industry Specifications.

The group is made up of mobile operators and vendors (equipment and terminal manufacturers) from all various regions of the world.

Key Topics

The Networks Group is currently working on:

What the Networks Group Does:


The Networks Group have face to face meetings and are held twice a year. NG sub-working groups have face to face meetings four times per year with additional meetings/conference calls if needed.

How to Get Involved

If you would like more information on any of the Networks Group activities, please contact  If you are interested in contributing and attending Networks Group meetings then please contact to become a GSMA Member.  Communications including liaison statements should be sent to