SIM Working Group


The SIM Working Group (SIM) is comprised of smart card experts from GSMA member organisations and the group guides GSMA’s SIM related activities where a common approach can create value for operators, service providers and customers. The scope of work includes a range of applications from access management to network resources to standalone transaction and identity management services. Such applications require a high degree of security, reliability and personalisation offered by modern SIM based platforms.

The SIM Working Group provides a forum for consensus building amongst all GSMA membership categories in relation to support and advice on the promotion, implementation and adoption of smart card technology and identity services. It also provides strategic guidance to GSMA projects on SIM matters and manages a programme of related activities, typically through sub-groups, set up for particular purposes.

Key Topics

The following work items within the SIM Group are currently being worked on:

What the SIM Working Group Does


The SIM Working Group have face to face meetings and are held four times a year, with conference calls used to progress work between physical meetings.

How to Get Involved

If you would like more information on any of the SIM Working Group activities please contact [email protected].  If you are interested in contributing and attending SIM Working Group then please contact [email protected] to become a GSMA Member.  Communications to the SIM Group, including liaison statements (from external bodies), should be sent to [email protected].