Mobilising the Internet of Things

GSMA Internet of Things

Scaling the IoT in the 5G Era

Our vision is to enable the IoT, a world in which consumers and businesses enjoy rich new services, connected by an intelligent and secure mobile network. Achieved by industry collaboration, appropriate regulation, optimising networks as well as developing key enablers to support the growth of the IoT in the longer term.

5G IoT for Manufacturing

The GSMA 5G IoT for Manufacturing Forum brings together manufacturing enterprises, mobile operators, and vendors who are instrumental in bringing 5G IoT to the manufacturing industry. Our aim is to create an environment that facilitates collaboration to highlight key use cases and requirements for 5G IoT, stimulate pilot projects to test new concepts and disseminate case studies and lessons learned, all with the aim of encouraging adoption of 5G IoT across the manufacturing vertical. Learn more

Automotive and Mobility

C-V2X (Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything) is an enhanced 3GPP LTE standard that describes a set of technologies enabling communication messages between vehicles, infrastructure and people. Its uses and benefits include enhanced safety, more efficient driving, reduced traffic congestion and pollution, and value-added services for end customers. The GSMA is working with mobile operators, automotive OEMs and suppliers, industry associations and regulatory bodies to accelerate the growth of the connected vehicle market by agreeing a common approach to security, regulatory and infrastructure solutions. Learn more

Drones and Aviation

The Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) market is one of the most quickly growing and innovative sectors of the IoT and presents a huge commercial and strategic opportunity for operators and their technology partners. The GSMA is actively working with the telecoms and aviation industries to maximise the use of beyond-visual-line-of-sight capabilities of UAS, develop new use cases and help create an open and trusted regulatory environment. Learn more

Transformative IoT, Beyond Connectivity

Beyond Connectivity marks a new era in innovative operator solutions across big data, machine learning, analytics, edge computing and distributed ledger technologies. Such transformative IoT solutions are providing substantial benefits to customers such as increased productivity, reduced costs and automated business processes, helping to form the basis for a more sustainable and productive world. Learn more

Mobile IoT

Mobile IoT refers to low power wide area, 3GPP standardised, secure, operator managed IoT networks designed for the 5G era. These scalable networks are designed for IoT applications which require low cost, low data rates, long battery lives and operable in remote and hard to reach locations. All major markets have adopted cellular based LTE-M and NB-IoT networks to deliver complete IoT connectivity to billions of new devices. The GSMA Mobile IoT Initiative is designed to accelerate the adoption of commercial Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) networks in licensed spectrum. Learn more

IoT Security

The GSMA has delivered a set of IoT Security Guidelines, backed by an IoT Security Assessment scheme, to provide a proven and robust approach to end-to-end security. The GSMA and the mobile industry have also developed IoT SAFE (IoT SIM Applet For Secure End-2-End Communication), which enables IoT device manufacturers and IoT service providers to leverage the SIM as a robust, scalable and standardised hardware Root of Trust to protect IoT data communications.