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Manufacturing is undergoing a major generational shift. Industry 4.0 – the digitisation and advancement of manufacturing processes and ecosystem is set to create far more flexible, efficient and sustainable production lines. 5G for IoT underpins this transformation, offering manufacturing companies and their supply chain partners vastly improved visibility over all aspects of their business.

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Webinar – The New Service and Maintenance Models: IIoT Technology Drives Revenue and Profit


Wednesday 1 Apr 2020 | 5G | Manufacturing |

[Copperberg] Hear from industry experts from Quant, Ericsson and PTC and learn more about the service efficiency for new revenue model, advances in edge connectivity and other business values for project success.

The Path to AI-Powered Industrial IoT by Cambridge Consultants & Hitachi Europe


Friday 20 Mar 2020 | Artificial Intelligence | Big Data Analytics | Manufacturing | Resources |

The number of cellular IoT connections will hit 3.5B in 2023 (Ericsson) collecting vast amounts of data. GSMA Intelligence forecasts $1.1 trillion in total IoT revenues for 2025, but 97% of organisations feel challenges to realising this opportunity.

Great Expectations – Sizing the Opportunity for 5G in Vertical Industries


Monday 9 Mar 2020 | 5G | Manufacturing |

5G will go beyond today’s consumer-oriented enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB) services to enable use cases for vertical industries that will leverage Massive Machine-type Communication (MMTC) and Ultra-Reliable Low-Latency Communication (URLLC) applications

Accelerate Digital Transformation in Manufacturing


Friday 6 Mar 2020 | Big Data Analytics | Manufacturing |

[CIO by IDG and Hitachi] Four critical steps for a successful digital transformation in manufacturing

The Next Chapter in Industrial Asset Monitoring


Monday 2 Mar 2020 | Edge Computing | Manufacturing |

[Sierra Wireless] Advances in the Industrial IoT (IIoT) have made it easier for industrial original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to remotely monitor and troubleshoot their industrial assets.

MWC Shorts – IoT Data Analytics: From Data to Actionable Insights – Cambridge Consultants


Monday 2 Mar 2020 | Manufacturing | Resources |

At MWC Shorts, hear from Arend Jan Van Bochoven, Head of Strategic Innovation, Cambridge Consultants on the IoT Data Analytics and Insights in Industrial IoT and Industry X.

Internet of Things Case Studies – Leading the World of Innovation in Asia-Pacific


Saturday 29 Feb 2020 | 5G | Asia-Pacific | Both Technologies | Manufacturing | MIoT Technology | Mobile IoT | Resources | Smart Cities | Smart Cities Transport | Smart Cities Utilities |

Produced by the GSMA’s APAC IoT Partnership Programme, this report consists of 17 case studies showing how mobile operators are expanding the Internet of Things (IoT) into many more sectors of the economy.

Industry Connect: 5G-ready production at Atlas Copco Airpower


Thursday 27 Feb 2020 | 5G | Manufacturing |

Atlas Copco Airpower is a world-leading manufacturer of compressors, vacuum solutions, generators, pumps, power tools and assembly systems. Atlas Copco is collaborating with Ericsson and and Orange Belgium for future flexible manufacturing with 4G and 5G.

Bosch eyes 5G and smart factories, as it reflects on 10 years of IoT progress


Thursday 27 Feb 2020 | 5G | Artificial Intelligence | Manufacturing |

[GSMA Intelligence] At its seventh annual Bosch Connected World (BCW) conference, Bosch made a number of important announcements, including its new partnership with Microsoft. After a decade of strengthening its IoT presence, Bosch is now also looking...

How Octave Enables Simple, Strong Trusted IoT Data Chain, from Industrial Assets to the Cloud


Wednesday 26 Feb 2020 | Manufacturing |

[Olivier Amiot, Director of Marketing, Energy at Sierra Wireless] Increasingly, many Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), industrial organizations, and other enterprises are making the Internet of Things (IoT) a core part of their plans to use...

PwC Annual Manufacturing Report 2020


Monday 24 Feb 2020 | 5G | Artificial Intelligence | Manufacturing | Mobile IoT |

This report is based on a survey of manufacturers conducted by The Manufacturer magazine in December and January 2019/20 to determine how UK manufacturers feel about their lot over the coming year.

IoT – The Rise of Enterprise – Infographic


Friday 21 Feb 2020 | Manufacturing | Resources |

[GSMA Intelligence] Enterprise growth will drive IoT connections to almost 25 billion globally by 2025

Cellular Connectivity – Can Cellular Technology Become the Basis for Industrial IoT?


Monday 17 Feb 2020 | Manufacturing |

[IoT Now] Cellular networks have had limited success in addressing the needs of the industrial sector. While they have been relatively successful in supporting wide-area use cases such as fleet management and asset-tracking they have not penetrated the...

Achieving industrial automation protocols with 5G URLLC


Thursday 13 Feb 2020 | 5G | Manufacturing |

[Ericsson] Partnering with Audi has allowed us to push the boundaries of 5G technologies for automation applications in smart factories, with 5G Ultra-Reliable Low-Latency Communication (URLLC) delivering the strict latency and reliability demands of...

Haier: Optimising Manufacturing performance through 5G, Edge Computing and Machine Vision


Wednesday 12 Feb 2020 | 5G | Edge Computing | Greater China | Internet of Things – general | Manufacturing | Resources |

Transformative IoT Beyond Connectivity Case Study - Manufacturing: GSMA, China Mobile, Huawei and Haier have completed a proof of concept encompassing the deployment of edge computing, 5G and machine vision into Haier’s manufacturing environment.

Industry 4.0 Cost of Inaction and ROI Report


Tuesday 21 Jan 2020 | 5G | Edge Computing | Manufacturing | Mobile IoT |

[Ericsson] Industries are under constant pressure – to improve product quality, boost factory efficiency, stay competitive, enhance safety, security and sustainability, and remain profitable. ABI Research shares insights for smart manufacturing...

Industrial IoT Solutions for Manufacturing, Logistics & Utilities by Daviteq


Saturday 4 Jan 2020 | Asia-Pacific | Manufacturing | MIoT Technology | Resources | Smart Cities Utilities |

Hear from Daviteq how data collected from sensors, meters, and controllers for customers in manufacturing, logistics and utilities is transmitted to their Globiots platform which collects, stores, analyses and visualises data on the dashboard.

Cellular Networks for Massive IoT – Enabling Low Power Wide Area Applications


Friday 3 Jan 2020 | Manufacturing | Mobile IoT |

[Ericsson] New radio access technologies are available specifically targeting the connectivity requirements of Massive Internet of Things (IoT) applications. According to the current GSMA Mobile IoT rollout report, the number of...

Cellular IoT Evolution for Industry Digitalization


Friday 3 Jan 2020 | Manufacturing |

[Ericsson] This white paper describes the evolution of Cellular IoT from the more basic use cases and less demanding characteristics of Massive IoT, through the more demanding use cases expected to be addressed by Broadband IoT and onward to...

The Future of Manufacturing with 5G and Internet of Things (IoT) Infographic


Friday 3 Jan 2020 | 5G | Manufacturing |

[Vodafone] Today, the UK is the world's eighth largest manufacturing nation – and it will break into the top five by 2021. By then, 5G will be available across the country and beginning to take the assembly line – and the manufacturing industry as...