GSMA Thrive Asia Pacific: 5G NB-IoT Boosts Digital Transformations and Wins Commercial Successes

GSMA Thrive APAC IoT Innovation Summit was held on Nov 3rd, 2020 with many distinguished guest speakers gathered together online and shared their leading strategies and practices on 5G IoT. As a 5G technology and a pioneer with large-scale commercial use cases, NB-IoT is playing a key role in the digital transformations of vertical industries in the 5G era.

In the keynote speeches, it is made clear that NB-IoT has been included as an integral part of operators’ 5G IoT strategy and many use cases have been proven successful. Tanapong Ittisakulchai, Chief Enterprise Business Officer at AIS Thailand, made a speech on “Building 5G IoT ecosystem for smart cities, enterprises and manufacturers on digital transformation”. He stated that AIS is focusing on creating a digital platform to enable customers’ digital transformation. It can be seen that NB-IoT is serving AIS’s purpose in many cases such as smart city, smart transportation & logistics. One example worth highlighting is NB-IoT Motor Tracker, which has been successfully launched by AIS in Thailand and has inspired a usage-based On-Off motor insurance service in partnership with a local insurance company. By sending real time data through AIS’s nationwide NB-IoT covering all 77 provinces in Thailand, the motor insurance coverage can be turned On-Off automatically when starting and shutting down the engine of a car, which allows the insurance company to gain accurate customer usage information, and therefore improve operational efficiency. Car drivers can also benefit from this innovative business model as it is based on a “no drive, no pay” concept.

In the Joint presentation “Epidemic accelerates the imperative role of IoT towards the self-production ambition in large agriculture country” given by Feby Sallyanto, Chief Business Officer of XL Axiata and Tommy Wattimena, CEO of PT Sreeya Sewu, NB-IoT is explained in details on smart agriculture. A marvelous case is the smart poultry commercialization to local farmers. By monitoring the environmental conditions in real-time as well as automating fan operations, breeders can monitor chicken feedings and growth through the XL Smart Poultry Dashboard. It provides a solid prove that digitization can increase the efficiency and effectiveness of poultry farm management, and therefore result in improved productions and business successes. As a real form of 4.0 industrial revolution, this XL Smart Poultry solution will be extended to all chicken farms across Indonesia where 70,000-80,000 chicken breeders are estimated.

Gerhard Loots, Executive Global IoT Solutions of Telstra, also gave a vivid example of how NB-IoT creates values for Australia in his speech “ IoT creates tremendous values in low population density country”. Given the fact that there is an average of 6 people per square kilometer in Australia, NB-IoT becomes critical to manage key resources in the growing of crops, especially for the extended coverage in more regional areas. Telstra has more than 3.5 million square kilometers of NB-IoT network coverage, which is effectively leveraged to provide desired IoT solutions to CSBP fertilizers. With Telstra Environment Monitoring, the volume of liquid fertilizer product stored in tanks on farms can be remotely measured and a commercially viable approach can be developed. The automatic resupply process brought by IoT solution helps CSBP customers save manual efforts to read fertilizer level readings and greatly reduce the lead times to supply the fertilizers. Further deployments of this tank measuring solutions are going to be implemented on water tanks, diesel tanks as well as weather stations across Western Australia.

5G NB-IoT will continue to serve the digital transformation of vertical industries in 5G era

NB-IoT has achieved fast development and now endorsed by ITU as a 5G technology on July 9th 2020. It will serve 5G massive machine type communications (mMTC) scenario with a lifecycle of more than a decade. With more than 140 million global connections and many commercially successful practices, NB-IoT will continue to serve the digital transformation of diverse vertical industries from 4G to 5G.

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