Automotive Identity High Level Description

Thursday 10 Jun 2021 | Automotive & Mobility | Resources |

Automotive Identity High Level Description image

A key aim of the GSMA Automotive Identity (AiD) project is to enable individuals to seamlessly use their mobile subscription and mobile services via an in-car system and consumer eSIM, thereby mitigating some of the challenges of using smartphones reliably in cars for telephony and connectivity services.

Not only does this provide an elegant solution for in-car connectivity, but also opens up innovative business models around car sharing in which the personalized settings and services of a user can easily be transferred between different cars of a car sharing fleet on user entry.

This document represents the first phase of the project in which a feasibility study has been conducted on the Automotive Identity concept to identify the actors, user stories, core processes and potential deployment topologies based on the consumer eSIM specification.