Securing private networks in the 5G era

Monday 21 Jun 2021 | 5G | Manufacturing | Resources | Security |

Securing private networks in the 5G era image

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The combination of cloud, data and IoT security threats means security risks are greater in the 5G era. The pandemic has also intensified ransomware attacks and cybercrime more generally. A key challenge for operators offering 5G-based services is ensuring that they have sufficient knowledge or tools to tackle upcoming security vulnerabilities.

Around two thirds of operators currently sell private wireless networks to enterprise customers, with the rest planning to do so by 2025. Nearly half of these operators consider it extremely important to invest in security to achieve a long-term enterprise revenue goal. Having a strategy for building up security credentials will be key in supporting these plans. As the M&A route is available to only a few, the majority will partner to offer a portfolio of security solutions.

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