What’s unique about the IoT?

The IoT is different from traditional voice and data services:

  • It is truly global, connecting local resources with platforms on the other side of the globe.
  • It covers a wide variety of industries, including health, logistics, automotive and energy management to name a few.
  • Its value chain is far more complex and articulated; involving service providers, module manufacturers, connectivity providers, system integrators and device manufacturers.
  • Its most common business model is Business to Business to Consumer (or B2B2C). Most often mobile operators hold a relationship with another business, but no longer directly with the end-user.
  • For IoT connectivity is only an enabler, whereas in traditional telecommunications it is the core service provided.

The great news for consumers and businesses is that all these players not only co-operate in innovative partnerships, but also compete with one another to own the relationship with the end-user, creating an extremely dynamic market.


IoT Business Models

Slide showing how IoT business models are different from traditional telecom services. Download

What’s unique about the IoT?

This document takes a look at the differences between IoT and traditional services, as well as key policy and regulatory principles. Download