COMPRION partners with Deutsche Telekom to create a test system for the nuSIM initiative

Monday 14 Oct 2019 | Member Press Release | Member Resources |

The leading test solution expert COMPRION announces its participation as a partner in Deutsche Telekom’s nuSIM initiative.
nuSIM is a strictly optimized integrated SIM solution aiming to bring several new attributes to the IoT value chain, e.g. significant cost reduction, space savings and increased overall simplicity. It moves the SIM functionality from the physical SIM directly into the modem chip and is specifically designed for low-cost devices used in mobile IoT applications with a long life-span, such as asset trackers or temperature sensors. Chipsets and modules with nuSIM are scheduled to be commercially available in the first half of 2020.
To bring the new technology to market, Deutsche Telekom has invited industry-leading partners to jointly form a versatile ecosystem. Comprehensive quality assurance is a must – hence the partnership with COMPRION.
COMPRION’s role includes writing the test specifications, creating test methods, and developing test tools and suites that will be used to test single components of the nuSIM ecosystem for compliance and end-to-end interoperability. This will form the foundation of a qualification and functional certification program.
“We are excited to help build such an innovative IoT solution,” says Dr. Frank Oberhokamp, Business Development Manager at COMPRION. “With the nuSIM initiative, Deutsche Telekom offers a challenge in creating a breakthrough technology in the IoT environment and we are surely up to the task!” “Deutsche Telekom is pleased to have COMPRION on board with nuSIM,” says Stefan Kaliner, Head of UICC Development at
Deutsche Telekom. “Testing is key, and with their established SIM and eSIM expertise as well as their overall standing in the mobile communication business, COMPRION bring strong support to the emerging nuSIM ecosystem.”
COMPRION is the worldwide leading manufacturer of test solutions for smart card interfaces, terminals, and smart cards. Covering contact-based and contactless technologies, COMPRION provides their expertise to multiple industries, especially telecommunications, payments, and M2M. Our involvement in several standardization and certification bodies enables us to integrate the latest standards and requirements into our high-quality products. As COMPRION test systems are renowned for the most accurate measurement capabilities, the company serves all top mobile phone, terminal, card and chipset manufacturers as well as mobile network operators and test houses. COMPRION also acts as technological consultant supporting many key players in the market.

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