Dutch Pavilion at GSMA Mobile World Congress Shanghai to host Teleena, BroadForward, Voipro and CM Telecom

Tuesday 30 Jun 2015 | Member Press Release |

MVNE Teleena initiates first Dutch Innovation Pavilion in GSMA history

Nieuwegein – Four leading Dutch telecom innovators will be showcasing their products and services during the GSMA Mobile World Congress in China, at the Shanghai New International Exhibition Centre (SNIEC). Being the largest telecom event in Asia, MWC Shanghai represents mobile operators, device manufacturers, technology providers, vendors and content owners from across the world and attracts over 250 exhibitors and close to 30,000 visitors each year. The event offers insight into the latest developments in telecom. The initiative for the Dutch Pavilion was taken by Teleena, a leading European MVNE. Visitors of the Dutch Pavilion will learn about the very latest developments in Mobile Data Connectivity, Diameter routing and interworking, Cloud Communications, Voice and Messaging services.


Selected companies are:

  • Teleena – Leading Mobile Service Enabler (MVNE) providing Mobile Data Connectivity Services to companies such as KLM, Huawei, Vodafone and expanding its global reach
  • BroadForward – provider of Next Generation Diameter Signaling Controller and multi-protocol interworking, twice nominated for Best Mobile technology by the GSMA
  • CM Telecom – provider of a platform for SMS, Push, Apps, Payments & Voice, boasting customers such as Parkmobile, IKEA, JetairFly, Eurovision song contest, Unicef and many more
  • Voipro International – Provider of global cloud communication solutions for small-medium and large enterprises, introducing a unique fixed mobile solution, worldwide available

Bianca Wiebenga of Teleena says, “Asiais the largest market for LTE, followed by North America and Western Europe. The Dutch pavilion is fully geared to contribute to the success of telecom in Asia”. She further added “Teleena is very proud to be the initiator of the very first Dutch Innovation Pavilion at MWC Shanghai.”

The Dutch Pavilion can be found in Hall 4 at booth B.30

Come and meet Dutch telecom innovators at GSMA Mobile Congress in Shanghai 15-17 July at the Dutch Pavilion Stand W4.B30.


Teleena, BroadForward, VoiproCM Telecom将参展上海世界移动大会


Nieuwegein, 2015年6月29日

4家荷兰电信业创新公司将在上海新国际博览中心举行的世界移动大会上展出他们新的产品和服务。世界移动大会是亚洲最大的电信盛会,参展者包括世界各地的运营商、设备厂家、技术服务商、供应商和内容服务商,每年均有250多家公司参展,吸引三万多人参会。在欧洲虚拟运营服务商(MVNE) Teleena的倡导下本次特别开设了荷兰馆。荷兰馆将为参会者提供移动数据连接、Diameter路由互连、云端通信、语音信息服务方面的最新动态。


–       Teleena: 市场领先MVNE,为荷兰皇家航空公司、华为、沃达丰等公司提供移动服务,并在全球范围扩展服务

–       BroadForward: 下一代Diameter信令管理和多协议互连的供应商,被两次提名为GSMA的最佳移动技术

–       CM Telecom: 提供短信、推送服务、App、移动支付和语音服务,客户包括Parkmobile,宜家、JetairFly、欧洲歌唱大赛、Unicef

–       Voipro International: 为大中小企业提供云端通信服务,独特的全球固线和移动方案

Teleena的Bianca Wiebenga认为:“亚洲是4G的最大市场,然后才是北美和西欧。荷兰馆的产品是为了帮助亚洲电信业取得更加业绩。Teleena为这次在上海移动大会提议设立荷兰馆感到非常自豪。”



Dutch Pavilion press and media contact
Bianca Wiebenga, Marketing & PR Manager

About Teleena
Teleena (www.teleena.com) is the leading Mobile Service Enabler (MVNE),  Associate Member of the GSMA and member of MVNO Dynamics. We provide and host secure mobile data connectivity services for global brands, mobile operators (MNO/MVNO), OEMs, machine-to-machine (M2M), Cloud and content service provider s to extend their mobile reach and create new revenue streams. Our mobile services are powered by our SMART SIM technology and platform that enables card-based, embedded and software-based SIMs to be programmed to register onto any wireless network. Our Home Location Register enables M2M/IoT players to benefit from a new software-based platform providing improved scalability, lower operational costs and fast time-to-market.

About BroadForward
BroadForward ( www.broadforward.com) is the leading expert in network signaling, routing, mediation and interworking for Diameter, RADIUS, SS7 and IT protocols. Our flagship product is the BFX Interface Gateway, the Next Generation Diameter Signaling Controller (DSC) for 3G, 4G/LTE, IMS, Fixed, Wi-Fi and M2M networks. BFX is nominated by the GSMA for best Mobile Technology in 2014 and 2015. BFX  Is fully software based, and supports virtualization.

BroadForward是市场领先的信令、路由、融合服务公司,产品支持Diameter, Radius, SS7以及其他IT协议。旗舰产品BFX  Interface Gateway是新一代Diameter信号控制器, 支持3G, 4G/LTE, IMS, 固线, 无线, 物联网应用。GSMA协会将BFX提名为2014-2015年最佳移动技术。BFX基于软件,支持标准硬件、虚拟化和云端部署


About CM Telecom
CM Telecom ( www.cmtelecom.com ) is specialized in SMS, Push, Apps, Payments & Voice since 1999. We offer mobile solutions that ensure businesses to reach their customer. One connection to our platform enables you to be in the heart of mobile instantly.  Validate a user’s phone number, know the details of every phone number and improve messaging overall with CM Telecom’s Number Validation API’s:

  • GEO-IP: country lookup
  • Format lookup: Telephone number (local) format validation
  • Number Lookup: Does it exist, what’s the operator?
  • User validation with One Time Password message
  • Voice call OTP back-up
  • Close the loop: Conversion


CM Telecom是SMS, 推送服务, APP, 支付和语音专家,提供移动方案,增强与用户的互动。


–          Geo-IP: 国家查询

–          规格查询:号码规格验证

–          号码查询:是哪个运营商的号码?

–          用户验证,提供一次性密码

–          语音一次性密码备份

–          换算


About Voipro International
Voipro International (www.voipro.nl) was founded in 2006 as manufacturer of a global communications platform, available worldwide. Our success is directly linked to our values. We believe that success comes from never being satisfied. We constantly challenge ourselves with new ideas, solving problems and we are continually seeking innovative ways of optimizing operations and increasing service quality, all to the benefit of our customers. Our highly motivated, professional and reliable international team is located in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Belgium and the USA.