NetClean releases new solution to stop child sexual abuse material on mobile devices

Thursday 28 May 2020 | Associate Member | Member Press Release |

NetClean today announced the release of a new technical solution developed to protect business mobile devices from being used to access child sexual abuse material. A uniquely sourced and continually updated URL list from a number of trusted partners of NGOs and law enforcement, is used to block web pages (URLs) in web traffic.

“It is important to protect mobile phones as they are increasingly being used to access, download and share child sexual abuse material, as well as to document the sexual abuse of children”, said Anna Borgström, CEO of NetClean. “This is the first solution of mobile protection of its kind, and we know that it is a much-awaited product.”

In the NetClean Reports, which survey law enforcement professionals from across the world, mobile phones have repeatedly been mentioned as an increasing trend. In the NetClean Report 2019, nine in ten police officers reported that their investigations include child sexual abuse material found on mobile devices, and three in ten said that they have seen an increase in this already big trend over the past three years.

“By stopping child sexual abuse material in their IT environments, businesses and organisations can directly limit the revictimisation that children suffer every time an image is shared”, said Anna Borgström. “For businesses that already protect their work computers, protecting mobile devices in their IT environment is the next natural step.”

The new solution, NetClean ProTective, incorporates a customised tool to deploy the list on mobile devices through existing Mobile Device Management (MDM) systems, which many businesses use. This tool is also used to update the URL lists.

“As URLs containing child sexual abuse material constantly change – they move around, disappear, and new ones appear – it is important to continually update the URL lists. This is also why we combine a number of lists”, said Anna Borgström.

 About NetClean ProTective
NetClean ProTective is a
technical solution used in business IT environment to protect mobile devices and prevent access to child sexual abuse material. It includes a combined and continually updated URL list from some of the primary sources in the world, (both NGOs and law enforcement such as the IWF, Project Arachnid, and INTERPOL), as well as a technical solution that handles integration with MDM systems and updates of lists.

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