Comviva Signs Deal for Hola! and Revenue Plus Solutions with a Leading Operator in Somalia

Wednesday 5 Dec 2012 | Member | Member Press Release |

Enhance subscribers’ service experience with both real-time offers and loyalty based rewards

Hola!  allows access to  social networking sites, email services and other relevant applications even on basic handsets

Middle East Telco World Summit 2012, Dubai – December 05, 2012: Comviva, the global leader in providing mobile financial and VAS solutions, today announced that it has won a significant order to extend its Revenue Plus and Hola! solutions to a leading telecommunications service provider in Somalia.

With Revenue Plus solution, the operator aims to serve its mobile subscribers with both real-time offers and loyalty based rewards that will enhance their service experience and make them more active users. While, Hola! is a one-stop-shop solution that will enable users to access various social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, email services, including Gmail and Yahoomail. This also extends to popular web feeds and other relevant applications on their mobile through a client application, or via SMS or USSD.

“Comviva constantly strives to deliver solutions that improve end subscribers’ service experience, whilst also improving overall business performance for operators through better utilization of infrastructure and resources. With the implementation of our solution, operator will be able to   deliver more compelling offers of greater relevance at an individual customer level. Comviva’s Revenue Plus is a customer value management solution that enables operators drive revenue growth by enabling enhanced revenue planning, customer engagement & retention management,” said Sabri Amireh, Head of Middle-East and North Africa Region at Comviva

“Given the viral nature of networking and messaging applications, there exists strong latent demand for an available, easy to use networking and communication service that extends access to popular networking apps across the entire mobile subscriber base. Hola! eliminates users’ dependence on high-end devices and data plans, enabling operators to extend networking services to users with mass market devices, thereby opening a whole new market,” said Arun Tanksali, Chief Technology Officer at Comviva.

Powered by Comviva’s award winning WebAxn platform, Hola! is a standards-based solution that enables rapid and cost-efficient development, testing, deployment, management, distribution and marketing of a wide range of client, SMS & USSD based mobile applications.

Revenue Plus is a high precision real-time analytics driven marketing solution that equips service providers with tools to develop and optimize strategies to capture and enhance customer value. Taking subscriber usage data from multiple sources, including transactional call data records, recharge records, billing systems and VAS service usage records, Revenue Plus enables operators to identify a wide range of service usage and interaction patterns. By analyzing detailed usage patterns, operators can micro-segment their customer base and design finely targeted campaigns to ensure greater customer receptiveness and uptake – whilst avoiding revenue cannibalization.

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