Starhome to Present its Cloud Solution for the EU Roaming Regulation and More at the 2013 Mobile World Congress

Wednesday 20 Feb 2013 | Member Press Release |

Solutions for 2014 EU roaming regulations, LTE, the data explosion and roaming management systems will aid in dealing with new challenges

Zurich, Switzerland; 20 February 2013 – Starhome, the leading provider of solutions to optimize multi-network mobility, announced today that it will be presenting its solutions aimed at tackling new 2014 EU Roaming Regulations and other mobile industry trends at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

The Starhome® 2014EU Roaming Regulation solution provides all the critical tools mobile operators need to support and leverage the new EU roaming regulation to their advantage. The roaming regulation, set to come into effect in July 2014, will replace the traditional one-subscriber-one-H-MNO relationship.

Subscribers will be able to purchase roaming packages from any Alternative Roaming Provider (ARP) before they travel, irrespective of their domestic provider, while keeping the same mobile number. They will also be able to purchase data services from a Local Breakout (LBO) vendor when they arrive to their destination country.

The 2014 EU Roaming Regulation solution assists mobile operators in meeting the obligatory requirements while minimizing the total cost of ownership. The solution also enables future leverage to increase the operator’s competitive edge and has the unique flexibility to support various deployment options: an on-premise solution managed by either Starhome or the operator or a complete cloud-based offering for fast time to market with minimal risk to live networks. Starhome has more than 13 years proven experience in managing core network solutions for its customer base. During the last two years, over 20 cloud deployments have been put in place at customer sites worldwide.

Starhome has been greatly involved in analyzing the requirements of the 2014 EU Roaming Regulation since its inception and continues to hold extensive discussions with both BEREC (Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications) and leading vendors.

The new 2014 EU Roaming Regulation requires not only an in-depth understanding of how roaming works but also the expertise to implement the necessary changes to effectively support the regulation. The Starhome solution was developed from a combination of these two critical factors. Using its acquired industry knowledge in the roaming arena, Starhome also provides consultancy and professional services to mobile operators when needed.

Starhome will also feature its LTE Roaming solution. Recently launched in one of its Tier 1 customer networks, the LTE Roaming solution represents the industry’s first ever successful policy-based Steering of Roaming (SoR) and Mobile Marketing Campaign systems to support LTE technology.

The Roaming Matrix is Starhome’s new integrated roaming management system. With unprecedented challenges in today’s fast expanding, hybrid multi-network environment, the need for a complete management system has never been greater.TheStarhome® Roaming Matrix™ solution is a powerful system that integrates various roaming solutions, such as steering, call control and marketing campaigns etc. with a management layer to provide optimal control of the multi-dimensional roaming environment. The real-time single view incorporates many elements, such as agreements, technologies, competitive analyses, Internet players, new regulations and more.

To effectively tackle the roaming data explosion, Starhome will showcase the Fearless Mobility solution. First of its kind, the solution promotes data roaming usage by keeping subscribers informed of their spending. The solution empowers roamers to manage and control data usage by delivering complete spending transparency via personalized data packages.

Shlomo Wolfman, Co-Founder & COO at Starhome explains: “These new industry trends will become increasingly important, and the challenge will be how mobile operators meet the expectations. We are excited to demonstrate our solutions at the upcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona”. Wolfman continued: “Starhome has always been quick to identify changing market trends and to adopt fresh market strategies to capture new growth opportunities. We want our customers to compete and win in a very competitive market and successfully tackle today’s global roaming challenges.”

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