Sunrise UPC taps DIDWW to streamline international business communications for enterprise customers

Tuesday 1 Feb 2022 | Member Press Release | Member Resources |

Sunrise UPC GmbH, Switzerland’s largest, private telecommunications company supplying individual and corporate clients with mobile, Internet, TV and fixed network services, has teamed up with DIDWW, a global telecommunications operator providing first-rate VoIP communication and SIP trunking services, to launch its new business oriented product – Business Voice International.

DIDWW and Sunrise UPC established the partnership to launch Business Voice International to provide local and national phone numbers for small and medium-sized companies situated in Switzerland and operating globally. This new service will allow businesses to improve communications with their international subsidiaries at a time when employee connectivity around the world is more important than ever. This collaboration will allow Sunrise UPC to provide reliable, premium quality, geo-redundant and fully compliant voice services with broad coverage.

By leveraging DIDWW’s extensive phone number inventory, the Swiss operator will offer local and national numbers in more than 60 countries with thousands of locations, including popular destinations such as Germany, Italy, France, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Austria. The integration of local and national phone numbers will increase businesses’ productivity and guarantee that employees, both local and global, are able to operate in a seamless and secure manner from anywhere in the world.

Boris Gratz, Sunrise UPC B2B Product Management & Alliances, stresses the trustful relationship with DIDWW, a leading international communications provider: “DIDWW is one of the cornerstones of Business Voice International. Its technical capabilities together with its highly motivated and flexible team make it an ideal partner for Sunrise UPC. From the very start, our collaboration has been built on trust and customer focus. This will help us go the extra mile for the sake of our customers. It is part of the execution of our high-quality provider strategy to become the Swiss National Champion.”

Laura Pakamaniene, the Strategic Business Development Manager at DIDWW added: “We are ecstatic to be working on this project with Sunrise UPC, and are honored that such a high-quality service provider has acknowledged our high work and service standards. We hope that the access to our international phone numbers in over 80 countries will bring value to Sunrise UPC, and that our shared objective of providing top-tier voice solutions to clients globally will transform this interconnection into a long-term partnership.”



DIDWW is a platform for telecommunication professionals with full self-service access and real-time provisioning, APIs and all the necessary building blocks for achieving the ultimate control over voice and SMS services.

The company offers the largest fully compliant international coverage of local, national, mobile, toll-free voice and SMS-enabled virtual phone numbers, two-way local and global SIP trunks, access to local emergency services, flexible capacity options, free global number portability, a number selection tool, and more.

DIDWW delivers premium quality services to thousands of operators worldwide through a private and fully geo-redundant network with mission-critical reliability and guaranteed SLAs. Their customers enjoy advanced solutions coupled with a unique service experience and superior value, all driven by a highly motivated team of professionals.

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About Sunrise UPC

Sunrise UPC LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Liberty Global, is the largest private telecommunications company in Switzerland. Sunrise UPC offers industry leading mobile, Internet, TV and fixed network services for private and business customers. With its leading hybrid fiber network including one of the world’s best mobile networks, Sunrise UPC provides giga speeds to more than 90% of Swiss households. Sunrise UPC offers the best Internet (PC Broadband Benchmark 2021) and the Sunrise UPC mobile network is the only mobile network in Switzerland to have been awarded the highest rating of “EXCELLENT” 6 times in a row.

Sunrise UPC offers the fastest and largest 5G network in Switzerland in terms of the combination of 5G rollout and 5G data rates, according to the connect mobile network test (issue 1/2022). Since the end of November 2021, more than 1,000 cities/locations are covered with high-speed 5G (up to 2 Gbit/s) and more than 96% of the Swiss population with basic 5G (up to 1 Gbit/s). With its hybrid fiber network combining fixed and mobile networks, Sunrise UPC is the leading broadband Internet provider in Switzerland and at the end of the 3rd quarter of 2021 had almost 2.96 m mobile customers, 1.21 m broadband customers and 1.28 m TV customers (RGUs).

Sunrise UPC offers a dynamic and international environment where every voice is heard, perspectives are shared, and values are respected. As an equal opportunity employer, it is crucial to have a diverse workforce. Employees from over 70 nations, representing many different languages and religions, contribute to the expertise, innovative thinking, and extraordinary commitment that helps Sunrise UPC succeed and reflects the diversity of its customers. /


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