The 4th “Cup of Blossom ” 5G news special final ended, Nanjing Bobcat Action Together Information Technology Co.Ltd won the first prize

Monday 27 Sep 2021 | Member Press Release |

On September 26th, the 4th “Cup of Blossom ” 5G Application Competition 5G message special competition jointly sponsored by China Institute of Information and Communications Technology and China Communications Enterprise Association, supported by China Telecom Group Co., Ltd., China Mobile Communication Group Co., Ltd. and China United Network Communication Group Co., Ltd. and co sponsored by Huawei Technology Co., Ltd.,  was successfully concluded in Beijing.

Industry high-level competition

The event with “5G message new formats, industry integration new development” as the theme, focus on economic and social digital, network, intelligent transformation and upgrading of new demand, for the whole society collect 5G message and vertical industry fusion innovation and application practice, create benchmarking cases, promote 5G message application commercial, guide government affairs, publicity, people’s livelihood using 5G message improve service ability, improve service level, promote the 5G message industry development.

It is reported that a total of more than 400 projects across the country, covering government affairs, education, medical care, travel, express, media, tourism, finance, consumption and other fields join the competition, after more than a month of selection competition , 20 projects stood out into the final, finally determine 5 first prizes, 7 second prizes and 8 third prizes.

The early warning release attracted key attention

The projects shortlisted for the final are more colorful, among which, the “National Early Warning Information Release Center”, a public service project related to the safety of people’s lives and property, has attracted public attention.

This project created by Nanjing Bobcat Action Together Information Technology Co. Ltd joint China meteorological bureau, China unicom and China telecom,It stood out from more than 400 participating companies and became one of the five first prize winners.

With the background of help national disaster prevention and mitigation, The project focus on early warning, disaster / danger reporting, rescue implementation and tracking, disaster prevention and mitigation knowledge popularization make full use of 5G message technology for government deployment, department application linkage, the public to provide important “disaster prevention and disaster” support, realize emergency warning information release “the first voice, authoritative voice”.With the mission of building a faster, more accurate, wider and richer information release “expressway”, it mainly focuses on the actual business before, during and after the release of the “early warning”, and improves the characteristics, advantages and the quality of early warning information through 5G information.Make full use of the unique human-computer interaction technology of 5G message to model the user portrait, establish and improve the early warning release for different service objects, and effectively improve the early warning release business.

The reporter learned that Nanjing Bobcat Action Together Information Technology Co.Ltd is one of the top enterprises in the field of 5G information in China Nanjing Bobcat Action Together Information Technology Co.Ltd support in the technical for other companies in this competition, there are 2 projects advanced to the final, and won the industry innovation award and excellent innovation award.They said that the award is the affirmation of our company.As a member of GSMA, we will take this opportunity to accelerate the process of transforming the award-winning results into public service support capacity, work with various industry partners to jointly create 5G message industry products, promote the popularization and implementation of various application scenarios, and jointly promote the development of 5G message industry.

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