The Mobile Economy
North America


of total connections will
be on 5G by 2025


mobile ecosystem contribution to public funding in 2019


IoT connections by 2025

Most of North America has been subject to lockdown measures at some point in 2020 because of the COVID-19 pandemic. During this time, mobile has proved crucial in keeping individuals safe and economies functioning. Mobile networks have held up well, rising to the challenge of keeping everyone connected despite changes in data consumption patterns, and this reflects the significant investments made by operators over a number of years to provide additional network capacity, supported by moves at the start of the pandemic to temporarily bolster spectrum holdings.

5G is poised to enable a new era of connectivity, bringing new services and increased efficiency across industries. Operators in North America continue to be among the world leaders when it comes to 5G deployment and the region will reach 100 million 5G connections in 2022, driven by continued network investments from operators and the expanding range of 5G smartphones at varying price points. By 2025, North America will have become the first region where 5G accounts for more than 50% of total connections.