Introducing the toolkit

Mobile phones are much more than just a tool for making calls.
Increasingly they are the primary way people across the world access the internet. Whilst the internet can provide a wide range of benefits to the user, it requires specific skills and knowledge to use a mobile phone effectively. This means that people who lack the skills and understanding are unable to access these life-enhancing services.

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TOOLKITDownload Pdf Click here to download the complete version of the Mobile Internet Skills Training Toolkit.
HOW TO GUIDEDownload Pdf The 'How To Guide' is a companion piece to the main toolkit and is designed to support replication of the Toolkit in different markets.
This video shows the Mobile Internet Skills Training Toolkit being taught in live classes to unconnected trainees in Pune, India.

1. Introduction to the Mobile Internet Skills Training Toolkit (MISTT)

What is the Mobile Internet Skills Training Toolkit? And why is it useful for your organisation?
Before reviewing the modules within the toolkit, you should consult this introduction. In it, we discuss why we created the toolkit and explain how you can make best use of it. The MISTT is an introduction to the mobile internet that takes trainees from basic communication skills, through to more complex skills, such as searching the internet. The modules can be followed consecutively or used as a stand-alone training session.

The MISTT was designed in Maharashtra, India and is accompanied by the 'How To Guide'. Which allows organisations to localise the toolkit for their markets

Download this introduction to find out why and how the MISTT can work for your organisation.

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2. Bitesize Training

This module has been designed as a series of ‘bitesize’ training sessions of 2-3 minutes. It is for organisations who want to quickly and clearly demonstrate the basic functionality and benefits of using the mobile internet.

There are six topics to choose from in this module: Introduction to the internet, WhatsApp, YouTube, Google, Safety and Cost.

Download this module for bitesize training sessions

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3. In-depth training

This module is designed for organisations that have longer with their trainees. These in-depth training sessions of 45-60 minutes will help you run training sessions that instil the benefits of engaging with mobile internet services.

There are four sessions within this module: Introduction to training, WhatsApp, YouTube and Google Search. Each of these sessions includes information on safety and cost, specific to that service.

Download this module for in-depth training sessions and to learn how to create training that works for your organisation

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5. How to Design a Mobile Internet Skills Training Toolkit

This 'How To Guide' is a companion piece to the MISTT, which was designed in Maharashtra, India. It explains how those in other parts of the world can design a toolkit to train people in basic mobile internet skills. In it, you will find recommendations, resources and examples of how to develop sessions that are tailored to your audiences.

Download this 'How To Guide' to design your own mobile internet training sessions.

6. User Portraits for the Mobile Internet Skills Training Kit

During our primary field research, we met and spoke to people who were not fully benefitting from the mobile internet. The MISTT can help these unconnected by providing them with the skills and awareness they need to join the digital revolution.

Meet a few of them here.