Mobile Internet Skills Training Toolkit

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Today there is still a ‘usage gap’ of 3.4 billion people who have access to mobile broadband coverage, but are either unable or unwilling to use it.

GSMA research has consistently shown that low levels of basic digital literacy are one of the main barriers to mobile internet adoption. To address this, in 2016 the GSMA Connected Society programme – with financial support from DFID – developed the Mobile Internet Skills Training Toolkit (MISTT), a set of resources to promote digital literacy, help people use the internet more safely on their mobile and ensure they have the skills required for a digital future.

The MISTT uses a ‘train the trainer’ approach and consists of short lessons in a PDF format that can be easily adapted to local needs and languages.

MISTT modules consist of an introductory module that covers the basics of the internet, including internet safety and costs, as well as modules on WhatsApp, YouTube, Google, Wikipedia, Facebook, Online Safety, Mobile Money, Android, Accessibility Features and KaiOS. A number of MISTT modules have already been translated into 6 languages: English, French, Swahili, Hindi, Bengali and Kinyarwanda.

MISTT modules are also available in video format to enable users to learn remotely and avoid long journeys for those who live in very remote areas or when face-to-face trainings cannot be conducted. A number of these videos are also available in four West African languages: Yoruba, Dendi, Fon and Nago.

The MISTT has also been integrated into the Life App, a self-care basic digital content application developed by KaiOS Technologies for KaiOS enabled phones to equip first-time internet users with tools and resources in digital skills, health, education, gender equality, agriculture, finances and more.

The MISTT is free to use and has primarily been adopted by MNOs, digital players, NGOs and other organisations that have an interest in deploying digital literacy skills initiatives.

If you are interested in rolling out the MISTT with support from the GSMA Connected Society programme, or would like to hear about best practices, you can get in touch with us by emailing

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Case studies and videos


1. Driving digital inclusion in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, 87% of the population use mobile. Yet, only 25% of them use mobile internet. A key reason for this is a lack of basic digital skills.

By using a force of 3,200 sales agents, Banglalink trained over 117,000 customers over three months and has already delivered positive results. After just three months, amongst customers who were trained, there was:

- A 228% increase in mobile internet usage
- A 143% growth in data revenue
- A 83% total revenue growth
- Increased traffic to Banglalink’s self-care app

Read the Banglalink case study

2. Driving digital inclusion in Rwanda

A pilot study of the MISTT was conducted in Sub-Saharan Africa by Tigo Rwanda. Over 300 sales agents were trained to use the MISTT who, in turn, trained over 250,000 customers. This resulted in significant benefits for Tigo Rwanda including:

- 77% of MISTT trained customers increased their data usage in the period after their sales agents introduced the training
- MISTT trained sales agents we able to increase the number of new data subscribers by 15%
- This led to a 240% increase in quarterly return on investment

Read the Tigo Rwanda case study

3. How to design a Mobile Internet Skills Training Toolkit

In this accompanying ‘How To Guide’, organisations will learn how they can develop and deliver their own resources in basic mobile internet skills. This guide provides actions and recommendations on how to develop tailored, meaningful training sessions and materials for your particular audience.

Read the ‘How To Guide’

4. Introduction to the MISTT: Insights from our partners

In this video, find out about the aims and scope of the Mobile Internet Skills Training Toolkit. Hear from our partners (Telenor, Idea Cellular and the Digital Empowerment Foundation) on why the MISTT is such an important tool for digital inclusion and why other operators should join the initiative.

Watch the video

5. Connecting the unconnected in Pune

In this video see the Mobile Internet Skills Training Toolkit being taught in live classes to mobile users in Pune, India. Hear insights from Telenor, Idea Cellular and the Digital Empowerment Foundation on the barriers to mobile internet and learn from the trainees about the benefits the training has given them.

Watch the video