Digital Equity Initiative

Our mission is to accelerate digital equity for the underserved in high GDP markets.

The mobile industry is keen to demonstrate how digital solutions can enable greater equity and inclusion. As consumer groups and an untapped workforce, underserved and marginalised populations present important opportunities for the telecommunications sector in general.

Addressing the needs of underserved groups through mobile technology is both an opportunity and a responsibility.


Engagement Partner Program

The initiative currently seeks to support and partner with two organizations currently utilizing mobile and digital tools to enhance socio-economic conditions for underserved and marginalized users in the United States. Specifically, we seek to help them to improve their digital services in sustainable ways, supporting services which are aiming to scale and achieve financial sustainability so that services can continue to run and evolve with user needs. Learn more and apply by 31 July, 2019.


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Accelerating Digital Inclusion for the Underserved in High GDP Markets


Wednesday 5 Jun 2019 | Mobile for Development | Report | Research | USA |

This research examines digital tools targeted at underserved populations in the United States, United Kingdom, Spain, France and Germany.