Bhumijo Limited

Bangladesh | Sanitation

The problem

For five million potential users in Dhaka, there are less than 50 usable public toilets (Wateraid, 2014). The detrimental effects are mostly for the low-income communities and women, spending 12-16 hours outside their homes. As per a survey conducted by Bhumijo, 80 per cent of women in Dhaka don’t drink or drink less water due to the absence of usable public toilets. Drinking less water causes UTI conditions and other kidney related diseases. Inefficient infrastructure and poor management are identified as key reasons for poor public toilet conditions.

The company

Bhumijo is a social start-up working to ensure hygienic, inclusive and affordable public sanitation.

Project description

Bhumijo are aiming to provide complete automation of public toilets with a touchless entry system, and integration of an Android mobile application for users to pay for an associated subscription, digitally.

Founder and Co-founder

Masud and Farhana Rashid

Message from the Founder

Bhumijo envisions to build a future with dignified, healthy and smart public toilets that everyone in Bangladesh deserves. We are grateful to have the GSMA as a partner in this journey.” – Farhana Rashid 

Organisation size

40 members of staff