Nepal | Water

The problem

When it comes to getting access to clean water, end users (the majority of whom are women) are required to physically travel in order to register with the water utility company, log complaints, collect billing statements and pay their bills. On the other side, water utility companies don’t have visibility on the overflow of water, water pump operation failure and have long receivable cycles (120 days) to collect payments, resulting in missed profits, inability to invest in service quality and delivery.

The company

Diyalo is a water technology solutions provider with more than eight years experience in Nepal, serving 175 water utility companies with 450,000 customers (households) impacting 2.196 million people.

Project description

Diyalo aim to automate water production using IoT technology and water sensors at water pump sites. This will allow water utility companies to optimise their capacity to determine water leakages and reduce non-revenue water by at least 10 per cent. This in turn will enable water utility companies to supply safe drinking water at zero additional production cost and capture missed revenues. Diyalo will also launch a mobile application for end users (households) to be able to register for water delivery, log complaints and make payments through mobile money integration, saving end users time and costs related to the physical travel to utility provider offices. Households will also be able to verify water consumption levels daily, for budgeting. Diyalo intends to pilot this solution with 16 water utility companies in Nepal . 

Founder and Co-founders

P R Khanal

Jabir Ali and Hasmat Ali 

Message from the Founder

The GSMA grant will support Diyalo to automate the water production and measurement system using IoT technology, ultimately leading to a reduction in water leakage resulting in optimized revenues for water utilities in Nepal and impacting the volume of water supply to end consumer. The solution supported by the grant will also help address end user [household] complaints, service request and provide increased access to online water bill payment and self-meter reading system. Diyalo’s main objective is to ensure the basic right of end users to clean drinking water. We believe that this project will set the example for managing other drinking water projects throughout Nepal.” 

Organisation size

45 members of staff