MTN Ghana

Ghana | Agriculture

The problem

Smallholder farmers form the backbone of agricultural production in Ghana and contribute nearly 70% of the food consumed locally. However, the same farmers also represent the majority of people living in absolute poverty. The cocoa value chain in Ghana relies on pre-financing and cash-based payments which are inefficient and carry a high level of risk. Mobile-based enterprise solutions that enable digital transactions and communication between smallholder farmers and agribusinesses are essential for creating digital profiles for farmers, enabling track-and trace and better farm management.

The company

MTN is Ghana’s leading mobile network operator.

Project description

Building on MTNs vision of a Bold New Digital World, MTN Ghana started its mAgric project with GSMA support in 2018. Building on early pilot successes in digitising farmer profiling, procurement and payments in the cocoa value chain, the company is now focused on further iterating and scaling this B2B offering by improving the enterprise reporting and management functionality for improved transparency and traceability. The project remains focused on the cocoa value chain, which is central to the Ghanaian economy, and with the further addition of digital advisory services aims to improve farmer financial inclusion and yields.