SignAble Communications

India | Assistive Tech

The problem

Deaf people face social isolation, a majority are illiterate and have little access to education and employment. To facilitate communication for the deaf community, SignAble’s app offers deaf people a mobile interpretation service in Indian Sign Language, which can enable them to communicate with anyone, anywhere, anytime.

The company

SignAble Communications is a social impact start-up that has developed the technology, a network of interpreters and engagement with the deaf community over the last two years. The vision is to make all communication for deaf people seamless and ubiquitous across India. SignAble promote deaf employment and hope to make all aspects of daily living accessible in India.

Project description

Funding from The GSMA Innovation Fund will support SignAble:

  • To implement a two-way calling app so that family, friends and other essential service providers can call deaf people;
  • Optimise the app’s user interface to improve user experience and video streaming optimisation for low-bandwidth settings​;
  • ​Grow and scale the solution primarily through B2B, B2C B2G network expansion; and
  • ​Test and validate an affordable pricing model.

Tarun Sarwal