Pakistan | Assistive Tech

The problem

According to WHO, more than 10 million people make up the deaf community in Pakistan. They face communication barriers due to limited access to sign language interpreters and are therefore the most marginalised community in the country.

The company

DeafTawk aims to empower the deaf community of Pakistan by bridging the communication gap between them and the rest of society through digital technology.

Project description

The main goal of this project is to provide the deaf community with access to quality sign language interpretation services through digital technology. This involves a video relay solution for one on one interpretation, group calling and human-less interpretation through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.


DeafTawk will be providing universal sign language interpretation (SLI) at all keynotes, Diversity 4 Tech sessions and the M4D 4YFN session at MWC22 Barcelona.

The founders


Ali Shabbar                    Abdul Qadeer