Vodacom Tanzania

Tanzania | Agriculture

The problem

Interactions between agribusinesses and smallholder farmers in Tanzania are generally very inefficient and costly for both business and farmer. Manual record keeping and handling large amounts of cash during harvest seasons creates opportunities for fraud and robbery. Agribusinesses are keen to work with reliable databases of farmers and minimise data entry requirements to minimise the opportunities for either intentional or unintentional data entry errors and build better relationships with their farmer supply base.

The company

Vodacom Tanzania is the leading telecom operator in Tanzania.

Project description

Vodacom Tanzania’s strategy is to digitize agricultural value chains in Tanzania focusing on cotton, dairy and maize value chains with an objective to improve the financial inclusion, climate resilience and productivity of smallholders in Tanzania. They are re-launching their existing M-Kulima service – a single-point enterprise solution allowing agribusinesses to digitally profile their farmers, as well as communicate and transact with them through an advisory service and mobile money payments. Going forward, the project will integrate digital finance services for smallholders such as digital agricultural loans, climate smart advisory and PayGo solar for irrigation into its product suite.