Interoperability Test Platform

The GSMA’s Interoperability Test Platform is the first joint end-to-end test environment to test interoperable mobile money solutions, including joining two key technologies, the GSMA Mobile Money API and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Mojaloop. With this test platform, the GSMA provides the industry with an open-source and secure environment, enabling ecosystem participants to test their systems across different use cases.

The test platform links two key technologies in the mobile money industry; first, the GSMA Mobile Money API, which provides a modern harmonised API for mobile money transactions and management, enabling seamless integration between service providers and mobile money operators, and second, the Gates Foundation’s Mojaloop, open-source software to operate a financial hub.

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What does the platform test?

The platform empowers both third-party service providers and digital financial service providers to test their software implementation in an end-to-end ecosystem, across a range of use cases and test cases. The current release (Beta) enables third-party service providers to test scenarios. Mobile money operator test scenarios will be made available soon.

When running your test session, the platform allows you to select your system under test, the test cases you want to execute, and the different system behaviours. Once a test case is executed, a verdict will appear giving full and visual details of the test results, including messaging errors for further investigation.

How does the platform work?

  1. Select what you want to test and the right System Under Test;
  2. Define the Use Cases and Test Case your system will be tested against; and
  3. Execute each test case and check the results.

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Join our Early Access List for the opportunity to take part in our Beta release for service provider testing.

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